Balancing the Fast-Paced Holidays with Self-Care

By Brenna Kehew Sculley

by Celia Cooksey

Maintaining your sanity during the holiday season is a challenge — for everyone.

Self-care during the holidays is vital for managing stress, maintaining mental and physical health, setting boundaries, and preventing burnout. Taking time for yourself enhances relationships, fosters gratitude, and ensures a balanced, enjoyable holiday experience. Prioritizing personal wellbeing is key to navigating the festive season with resilience and joy.

Dr. Taz MD, a licensed acupuncturist, certified nutritionist and member of the Institute of Functional Medicine, has shared her list for holiday sanity, highlighting the need to sleep consistently, particularly during the months of holiday parties and changing schedules. This includes setting boundaries, a budget, and finding the opportunities to center yourself with self-care.

Chanderbhan Psychological Services, a dedicated group of therapists providing high-quality care to the Laredo community of Texas, shared its tips with a focus on the importance of mental health. Its No. 1 tip is to manage expectations, which is a good one to consider as pressure to have the best holiday ever seems always present when you can see perfect social media posts from your friends.

One of the most important ways we all refocus the positive energy of the holiday season is to embrace the service projects and philanthropy that make this time of the year so meaningful.

There is no better time to give, and charities across the globe could use your support. Find the right charity for you, and focus your giving on what matters to the people in your life.

The holidays should be fun. Don’t let keeping up with the Joneses bring you down. While gift giving is of course meaningful and may be your love language, don’t let any pressure affect your wellbeing. Similarly, the holidays often come with numerous social invitations and commitments. Practicing self-care includes setting healthy boundaries and learning to say no when necessary, preventing feelings of being overwhelmed and exhausted.

Embrace the small, embrace the thoughtfulness of care for others, and head in and out of the holiday season with the poise of someone at peace with themselves.

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