Your Signature Scent: The Power of You

By Jenna Maunsell

by ELYSIAN Magazine

Choosing a signature scent is an important task. Such a scent should complement you; it should empower you and help you tell your story. 

In the face of so many different options and brands, it can be a tricky and overwhelming decision. But what this choice usually boils down to is what you want in your scent profile. Each scent profile can be traced back to one of the four scent families, which consist of amber, fresh, floral, and woody. These families make up the perfume industry as we know it. 

Depending on your personality and what you look for in a perfume, the scent family that you naturally gravitate toward may be different. Under each family, there is a wide variety of perfumes that have the potential to suit your preferred scent profile. It is a delicate balance to find the perfect fragrance that lies between being too overpowering or too weak for you. This balance is distinct and uniquely fitted to each person. Whatever your desired scent profile is, whether it is a floral aroma or a fresh smell, your signature scent is out there. 

When making the decision, it’s important to understand what contributes to the fragrance. The smell of a perfume is reliant on the makeup of the fragrance’s layers. These layers contribute to the evolution of the scent that occurs from the initial spray of the bottle to hours after the application. The top, middle, and bottom notes all culminate to create each unique scent and its journey with you. The top notes are often the ones that are smelled first and fade the quickest. The bottom notes are the longest lasting. The middle notes, also called the heart of the perfume, are the connecting piece that ties the top and bottom together. 

When you are searching for your signature scent, the first thing you smell as you test a perfume is the top note. However, what really shapes your perfume is the heart and the dry down notes. The combination of these two components is what emerges once the initial top scent has begun to weaken. The dry down notes are the body of the true scent. The body appears once the heart begins to fade and the bottom note surfaces. All three of these layers build your fragrance, each note contributing to your story in their own way. 

Perfume is fragile. Its scent is a journey– one that is reliant on a number of different things. The journey is dependent upon which notes are emerging at any given time, whether you spray it on your skin or clothes, the pH balance of your skin. Each component plays a vital role in shaping your own unique journey with the fragrance. 

The spray of the perfume bottle unleashes so much more than simply a smell. From timeless, classic scents to iconic, bold fragrances, the power of a spray of your signature scent has the ability to boost your confidence and empower your true self.

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