Letter from the Publisher: Fall 2017


ELYSIAN is a women-centric lifestyle magazine for the discerning reader. Greek in origin, the definition of Elysian and the publication’s vision is to be beautiful and creative, divinely inspired, peaceful and perfect. The mission of ELYSIAN is to empower the reader by showcasing inspiring women and graceful living.

Our intention is to encourage our readers by glimpsing “behind the curtain” of the “distinguished women” who are showcased. Life stories of achievements and struggles are antidotal and provide the reader hope. These accomplished women took risks, found their passion and often followed the “path less traveled.” An intimate interview with Pulitzer Prize winner Kathleen Parker is the Featured and Focus article. Kathleen’s story epitomizes the notion that focus, perseverance, toil and “sheer grit” can prevail, sometimes despite the odds. Finally, in our efforts to champion timely causes, this fall edition focuses on breast cancer research with hopes of energizing and encouraging our readers to support National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Thank you once again for your support of ELYSIAN and continuing this journey with us.


Karen Floyd

Karen Floyd

Karen Floyd is an American businesswoman, former prosecutor and judge. Floyd is the founder and CEO of multiple businesses and the current publisher of ELYSIAN magazine. Floyd has long been a champion of women as a businesswoman and active philanthropist, supporting women and children-centric initiatives all over the globe. Throughout her career and travels, Karen often encountered a sense of disconnectedness among highly accomplished women. In 2015, Karen was inspired to publish ELYSIAN magazine, a space where self-reliant independent women could hear the stories and struggles of others and feel a sense of kinship with women around the world.

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