Letter from the Publisher: Winter 2017-2018

Inspiring Women

Our Women of Distinction have continued to inspire with stores of overcoming, perseverance, and conviction. In addition, a common theme evolved. Each featured woman did not allow fear to dictate or direct actions, which ultimately led to noted success. In more basic terms, they each stepped outside of their comfort zone and found inner motivation to do the undoable or unexpected. Whether through creativity, faith or gratitude, each realized a profound self-awareness by pushing themselves further than they expected.

To formalize their accomplishments, these unique women recently met in New York City where the ELYSIAN Circle was launched. As the Circle grows, the ELYSIAN legacy will expand by nominating and cultivating future Women of Distinction and identifying Featured and Focused women with future stories to share.

Graceful Living

Elegant, refined, stylish, and beautiful are the cornerstones of graceful living. With this winter edition, ELYSIAN has a season focus on the arts, entertaining, equestrian, fashion, food, health, and travel. The publication’s quest for mind, body, and spirit eclectic content spans the globe. From New Orleans, to Austria, India to California, and New York to London, our writers strive to ignite our reader’s curiosity.

Graceful living also embodies the idea of giving. Our philanthropic focus explores the complexity of human trafficking worldwide. Exposing the face of human trafficking is daunting and particularly complicated as the enslaved are set free.

ELYSIAN family wishes you a wonderful holiday season! Until next year.

Karen Floyd

Karen Floyd

Karen Floyd is an American businesswoman, former prosecutor and judge. Floyd is the founder and CEO of multiple businesses and the current publisher of ELYSIAN magazine. Floyd has long been a champion of women as a businesswoman and active philanthropist, supporting women and children-centric initiatives all over the globe. Throughout her career and travels, Karen often encountered a sense of disconnectedness among highly accomplished women. In 2015, Karen was inspired to publish ELYSIAN magazine, a space where self-reliant independent women could hear the stories and struggles of others and feel a sense of kinship with women around the world.

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