Karen Abercrombie

Award-winning Actress & Producer

An award-winning actress, producer, singer-songwriter, motivational speaker and philanthropist, Karen Abercrombie is no stranger to the big screen. In addition to her many guest appearances in television shows, she recently starred as Miss Clara in the box office hit, War Room. Karen gives credit to her beloved Aunt Vine, who planted the seeds of love and the power of faith, for making her the strong woman she is today.

Your childhood was difficult; can you tell me about your parents?

Both my parents were alcoholics, and mother was also a drug user/abuser. My siblings and I were very close. Because my mother was drunk a lot, I had to step into her shoes: cooking, cleaning and caring for the younger siblings.

When did you realize that you had a gift, and what was that gift?

I don’t know when I realized it, but I always had a vivid imagination. I even had an invisible friend when I was growing up. I had actually forgotten about it, but I heard my grandmother and mother telling me about my friend. I don’t know. Was it an angel? You know how the mind can save you from your surroundings? The human mind is absolutely amazing and has the ability to help you protect yourself in a difficult situation.

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