Closing the Circle

Cassi Sherbert and Martha Wiedemann

Open Your Heart

In the 1960s they called it “The Generation Gap”—that disconnect, a lack of understanding one age has for another. Within the ELYSIAN family we seek to bring together women of all ages, encouraging conversations that will promote understanding and respect for the ideas and values of each generation. The Inspiring Women featured within the pages of ELYSIAN have achieved success by hard work and, often times taking the the road less traveled. Their insights can help younger women navigate their chosen paths and give them the courage to try new things and look beyond their experience—to empower them.

To this end, we introduced Inspiring Woman Martha Wiedemann and our cover model, Cassi Sherbert, whose story as a young girl in some ways echoes Martha’s. Several months ago, they met in New York with our publisher, Karen Floyd, for a conversation.

Cassi is an accomplished and disciplined dancer who has trained from a young age to gain confidence and poise. Martha, too, traces her success to childhood.

At the age of 14, Martha was living in Australia and though she loved the country and its citizens, she found herself searching to identify with her Indian roots. Her family’s lifestyle was based on Ayurveda, a traditional Indian form of holistic medicine. While she had always been drawn to “lotions and potions” in jars, struggles with teenage acne caused her to question and to think seriously about skin care. As an adult, she has taken her Ayurveda practice and applied her years of learning about skin care to helping others. Martha’s years of health care practice have earned her international respect and opened up a variety of exciting avenues to promote holistic health: among her career highlights, Martha directed the renovation of the spa and wellness facilities at the Badrutt’s Palace Hotel in St. Moritz, Switzerland.

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