The Healing Arts at Peaceful Mountain

Healing Arts at Peaceful MountainThe hypnotic, outsized landscapes of the American Southwest offer both inspired exploration and serenity. PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF AMAN

By Jenna Realmuto

Inside Amangiri, isolation is transformed into unique luxury. Nestled in the curve of a cliff in southern Utah’s desert mountains, this 600-acre, ultra-modern resort’s concrete structure is subtly painted in earth tones to appear mirage-like—emerging from the rock face itself. Here, one finds a rare harmonious balance between nature and extravagance, introspection and exploration.

A full 45-minute drive from the nearest town, Amangiri lies in the heart of the Grand Circle, a Mecca of national parks and monuments spread out across some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country. The resort is part of Aman Resorts International, a hotel group featuring luxury accommodations in exotic locations around the world, from Cambodia to India to Greece.

And Utah.

Utah is home to some of America’s most stunning landscapes and significant geologicial and cultural sites—all of which come in to focus at Amangiri, brought to life in 2009 by developer Christoph Henkel and a team of internationally acclaimed architects. Together, they have integrated Navajo culture and history into an unforgettable experience emphasizing both adventure and rejuvenation.

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