5 Reasons You Need a Shelter Cat

by Elysian Magazine

Shelter cats make great companions and can give immeasurable love and enjoyment. But did you know that owning a cat has many other benefits, like reducing stress, improving your mood, and even boosting your immune system? Here are five reasons why you need a cat in your life — and why adopting a shelter cat might be much more rewarding than adopting through a breeder.

1. Cats are known to reduce stress and anxiety.

Our world seems to have countless new challenges lately, so we could all use easy ways to reduce stress. Studies show that spending time with shelter cats can help lower blood pressure and cortisol, the stress hormone. Therefore, snuggling and playing with a cat might soothe your nerves and help you relax.

Trying to manage stress is something you and a shelter cat have in common: they have sometimes had difficult lives, depending on how long they wait to be adopted. Providing a forever home for your new feline companion reduces their stress and yours too — a win-win!

2. Owning a cat can improve your mood and mental health.

Feeling down? A cat might be just the thing to cheer you up. Research shows that interacting with cats can increase levels of oxytocin, the “feel-good” hormone. So, petting your cat or simply watching them play can boost your mood and improve your mental health.

While some shelter cats have sometimes experienced neglect and abandonment, all cats need and deserve a loving home where they can feel safe and secure. Your new cat friend will help improve your mood and mental health in return for your love and care.

3. Cats can help boost your immune system.

It’s a fact! Sharing your life with a shelter cat could strengthen your immune system. Interacting with cats has been shown to increase levels of immunoglobulin A, an antibody that helps fight infection. In one study, people who lived with cats had 30% higher levels of this antibody than those who did not own cats!

It is no surprise that shelter cats need immune system support, as well, due to the challenges they face. However, shelter cats that receive great care in a loving home are susceptible to fewer diseases and live healthier lives.

4. Cats provide companionship and love.

There is no denying the unique and special bond between humans and cats. Although cats are known for their independent nature, they can also be very affectionate, forming strong connections with their owners and help alleviate feelings of loneliness.

All shelter cats deserve a loving home to feel safe and secure. Companionship and love are essential for their happiness!

5.  It feels good to save lives.

Shelter cats are sometimes overlooked in favor of kittens or dogs, but adopting an adult shelter cat can be a rewarding, feel-good experience. Not only are you providing a loving home for an animal in need, but you’re also helping save the lives of cats that cannot come home with you.

When you adopt a shelter cat, you give that particular cat a second chance at life and make room for another homeless cat to take their place. In other words, you are helping to save two lives instead of just one. And who knows — the cat you adopt could become your new best friend and provide years of joy for you both.

Being a shelter cat parent has many perks!

So, what are the benefits to adopting a loving shelter cat? You will feel better in several significant ways. Purring and playful cats can be very calming and relaxing. Cat companions help reduce anxiety and provide comfort during difficult times. In addition, cats need relatively lower levels of care and maintenance, making them ideal pets for busy people.

So if you are looking for a lovable companion that can help you relax and de-stress, consider adopting a shelter cat. Both of your lives could be enriched and improved because you have each other.

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