An Automated Process for Sending Heartfelt, Handwritten Cards

by Brenna Kehew Sculley

by Amber Edwards

Everyone wants to be the thoughtful woman who has her life so well organized that she sends personalized notes to friends, colleagues, and relatives, always remembering their birthdays and other life milestones, and never just sending a text. The problem is… who isn’t too busy to make that happen? In a world of Facebook walls “HBD”s and belated calls, there truly is something to a handwritten and physically mailed letter or card. 

Fortunately, technology can step in to give us the best of both worlds. There are now websites where you can input all your birthdays/anniversaries and they automatically send cards that look handwritten for you throughout the year. While it may sound too good to be true, a little groundwork can get you, or even your business, set in a system that allows you to bask in your forethought and know you are staying connected in a personal way with this physical communication all year long.

One site, Handywritten, founded in 2014 relies on AI and robots to “hand” write in pen ink letters personalized by each author. Their mission was to make handwritten notes as easy to send as an email, and they’ve succeeded in sending over 8 million letters since their founding. The handwriting is realistic and could be utilized for just a single card for $3.25, or they offer a subscription model for those with more frequent needs. Similarly, Postable sends personalized cards (not using pen ink), but they are easy to choose and send from afar, without having to track down stamps. is targeted more toward businesses, but what a hack to utilize this tool for personal connections – and once scheduled, you can repeat so you never miss sending a birthday card again.

Embracing technology in a way that allows us to keep building our personal connections is harnessing the power of AI for good. Cards offer a tangible representation of emotions, providing a personal touch that digital communication often lacks. They serve as keepsakes, preserving memories and moments shared between individuals. Additionally, sending a card demonstrates thoughtfulness and effort, showing that the sender took the time to select a card and write a heartfelt message. In a world dominated by technology, receiving a physical card can evoke feelings of warmth and connection, fostering stronger relationships and meaningful connections between people. So, get the best of both worlds by being tech-savvy, and still building that in-person connection with these card-sending resources.

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