Are You Ready to Commit — to Microblading?

By Brenna Kehew Sculley

by ELYSIAN Magazine

Eyebrow trends change. So, is microblading the right solution for your face?

There are many comprehensive overviews of microblading available online. It is an interesting procedure that piques the curiosity of those who have an interest in streamlining their makeup routine.

For those dedicated to a consistent and defined eyebrow style that needs particular maintenance, microblading is a semi-permanent solution that creates hair-like strokes along your brows while inserting pigments in your skin. It creates a subtle type of tattoo that looks like perfectly filled-in brows every time.

A microbladed brow typically is of a fuller, more precise style. When Cara Delevingne first popped on the scene in 2011 on the London Fashion Week runway, her full and thick brows made the front row and onlookers beyond do a double take. For two decades prior, thin brows had been the dominating trend. From JLo to Gwen Stefani, runway models to everyday people, thin brows were the standard.

But that is the thing about trends… They are cyclical. Thirty years before Drew Barrymore and her pencil thin brows on magazine covers in the 2000s, Brooke Shields and thick eyebrows in the ’80s were “in.” Another eyebrow icon, Audrey Hepburn, showcased her full brows 30 years before that in the 1950s. These brow trendsetters, while not perhaps indicative of showcasing the exact brow shape of every American woman, punctuate moments of iconic look fluctuation in our history.

Now we sit at perhaps the precipice of brow trends. 2011 was (shockingly) already 12 years ago. Will this cycle of the thick brow trend continue to dominate, and the current TikTok predictions and Bella Hadid (currently rocking a thin brow) prove to be wrong? Perhaps we are living in the middle of another 30-year thick-brow trend chokehold and these little thin brow blips are anomalies. Or are trend cycles getting shorter with the proliferation of the internet and social media?

A few years ago, the choice to microblade was really more of a question of if it was a good fit for your skin sensitivity or willingness to commit to maintenance. Microblading may not be the right choice for those with oily or sensitive skin, as the healing process causes inflammation and can cause skin irritation. The procedure fades in about one to three years, so it is recommended that you maintain treatments.

When you microblade, you get to wake up with perfectly formed eyebrows everyday — but to microblade your brows is to commit to a style. Are you confident in your look and decisive enough to stay committed even when trends shift? Are you ready to commit to your look and make waking up with the look you want easier? The right choice lies above the eyes and in your own beautiful mind!

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