Recipe: Banana Pudding

by ELYSIAN Magazine

Southern, sweet and smooth – the perfect dessert for your Memorial Day barbecue.


1 11-oz. Box of Nabisco Nilla Wafers (or similar vanilla cookies)

1  3.4 oz Box of Jello Instant Pudding Mix

1  14 oz. Can of Sweetened Condensed Milk

1 Pint of Heavy Cream

4 Medium sized ripe bananas, peeled and cut into silver dollars

1 Cup Cold Water


Pour the Nilla Wafers into a blender or food processor, and pulse until they turn to a course powder.

Pour the heavy cream into a medium bowl, and beat until it forms soft peaks. Add the pudding mix, condensed milk, and a cup of water and to the cream and blend until creamy.

In a large bowl, (preferably transparent glass) assemble the cookie crumbs, bananas, and cream mix in small layers until all of the ingredients are used up, and cover the top layer with cookie crumbs.

Refrigerate overnight before serving to allow the flavors to properly meld.

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