Book Club Kit for New Mystery, Reef Road

by ELYSIAN Magazine

So many great books are “book club friendly” these days, and Deborah Goodrich Royce’s new thriller Reef Road is an exciting example. This new fiction recalls the beginning of the Covid lockdown, and brings to light a twisty murder mystery. As author Debora Goodrich Royce explained regarding her inspiration, there was “something about the isolation [that] allowed me to delve into this research project that had called to me for years.”

Royce chose to capture the eerie “twilight zone” feeling of desertion and claustrophobic heat of the Florida lockdown in 2020, finding it conducive to the true crime and noir-ish ambience of Reef Road, a bold choice that brings with it fresh memories for every reader.

Now that we’re on the other side of lockdown, the perfect time to host a book club is upon us. While the last few weeks of winter linger, host a cozy gathering to engage your friends and minds in a compelling work of crime fiction.

The book club kit has everything you need. Interviews with the author to give you better insight on this work as well as details about her lift that allow you to better connect, and discussion questions to have a more easily structured conversation at your club meeting – the kit even includes two character-based playlists to set the mood.

“I like to call my books identity thrillers. I am deeply interested in the truths exposed at the crossroads where what is revealed meets that which is hidden. We all have secrets and most of ours are quite benign. But occasionally—in life and in fiction—we meet those who are harboring doozies! I like exploring those puzzles,” Ms. Royce shares with her readers.

Enjoy a good read and a fun night with friends with Reef Road.


Download the book kit HERE!

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