Butter LONDON: Nail Color with Kaboom!

by ELYSIAN Magazine

ELYSIAN picks our favorite nail colors from this non-toxic beauty brand.

Butter LONDON is an American brand with a quirky British attitude. Vibrant, energizing and fun, they manufacture non-toxic nail lacquers and care products to give you a colorful – sorry, colourful – edge without the harsh chemicals and harmful ingredients. As one of ELYSIAN’s style editors once said, “I didn’t realize the quality of what I had until I gave myself an at-home mani.” It applies smoothly and evenly, going along with their promise of “one-stroke” ease. We absolutely love the distinctive, playful package and carefully coordinated colors. Their creative and PR teams are on top of their game, releasing new colors based on season, beauty trends and fashionable color schemes.

Their biggest claim to fame, however, is the health-focused formula they use. butter LONDON nail lacquers are “3-Free,” meaning they are free from parabens and most chemicals commonly found in other popular brands. They are designed to dry in natural light and air (or, if desired, under an LED light), eliminating the need for a harmful UV lamp. Many formulas are created with bamboo extract, which helps to strengthen the nails. Most even incorporate a combination of horsetail extract and vitamins A, B and E for superior nail health. Goodbye white spots. Goodbye brittleness.

But back to the point: these nail lacquers are amazing. The vibrant pigments range the whole spectrum. Some colors mix in diamond powder for superior brightness and shimmer. Their creative overcoats can produce different effects on the nails, like their Doily Overcoat, which dries to the look of patterned lace. With colors of every shade for each color of the rainbow (and colors that aren’t on the rainbow) you can choose the perfect color for your personality – or a different color for every outfit. It’s all deliciously affordable.

ELYSIAN picked their favorite colors from the color wheel of butter LONDON’s inventory.


Red nail polish is the epitome of seduction, and every woman should have their shade. Whether you’re aiming for sex appeal with this “Come to Bed Red,” the shimmer of the “Firecracker” or a more professional vibe with the “vampy” red of La Moss, we promise that you’ll be pleased with the results.

Come to Bed Red ($15, butterlondon.com)

Glazen Firecracker ($10, butterlondon.com)

La Moss ($10, butterlondon.com)


Partnering with Pantone, Butter London is making 2018 the year of purple, releasing an entire cosmetic line devoted to their “Ultra Violet” shade. It makes sense – purple is the color of royalty, of creativity. It is the middle point of red and blue, striking a balance between two seemingly opposing shades. (Color of the Year Collection: $36, butterlondon.com)

Hydrangea ($10, butterlondon.com)

Mauvelous ($10, butterlondon.com)

Misty Lilac ($10, butterlondon.com)


Just in time for Spring, butter LONDON released this floral-inspired collection of Patent Shine 10x nail colors. Though an American brand, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t (and every reason why we should) appreciate the botanical gardens in London this year. (Check out ELYSIAN’s piece on the Chelsea Flower Show in London in our Spring 2018 issue.) And we’ve got to say: we’re in love. (Full set: $30, butterlondon.com)


Remember what we said about crushed diamonds? The Butter London Crushed Diamonds collection is the ultimate way to bring that sparkle. It’s guaranteed not to fade and provide visibly radiant nails. Even without the diamonds, Butter London is sure to deliver a dazzling twinkle.

Gem Crushed Diamonds ($18, butterlondon.com)

Glazen Mermaid ($10, butterlondon.com)

Glazen Unicorn ($10, butterlondon.com)

Solitaire Crushed Diamonds ($18, butterlondon.com)


Maybe you’re not a pink, purple or red kinda girl, and that’s okay. Butter London has got you covered. We’re personally huge fans of the khaki or olive green nail – sounds boring, but it’s oh-so-subtle and classy – or teal for a day at the beach.

Sloane Ranger ($15, butterlondon.com)

Glazen Oil Slick ($10, butterlondon.com)

Minted ($15, butterlondon.com)

– Peel the Love –

And finally, we have to discuss their “Peel the Love” PureCure Manicure System, because it’s just plain cool. Butter London developed this system specifically for those of us with skin sensitivity or allergy issues. With this handy starter kit, you’ll have everything you need to give yourself the ultimate PEELABLE manicure. Guaranteed to stay secure until you’re ready to peel, it eliminates the need for soaking figures in harsh acetone. ($69, butterlondon.com)

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