Sheets Fit for a Queen: The Ultimate Guide to Luxury Sheet Sets

By Brenna Kehew Sculley

by Elliot Derhay

There is nothing worse than the feel of pilling fabric against your skin, poking springs, a bed too warm, or a scratchy sheet. Seeking the epitome of comfort for our sleep dates back to the beginning of time. The history of comfortable sheets traces back to ancient civilizations, where early humans used natural materials like animal hides, furs, and plant fibers for bedding. Ancient Egyptians are credited with the earliest known woven bed linens, utilizing linen—a durable and breathable fabric made from the flax plant. Egyptian cotton is perhaps the most renowned in sheet comfort, but there are so many fibers now that can get the job done.

To sleep like a Royal, however, is to turn to Hypnos, a family-operated bed manufacturer headquartered in Buckinghamshire, England, who has honed the craft of creating luxury pocket spring beds by hand since the Edwardian era. With over a century of expertise and a profound understanding of quality sleep, the company’s ethos centers on achieving excellence and providing rejuvenating sleep experiences to promote health and well-being. While it is generally revered to be worth the hype, Hypnos is the only bed maker to actively supply all of the Royal residences including Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, St. James Palace, Balmoral Castle, Sandringham House, The Palace of Holyroodhouse and Kensington Palace.

Finding the perfect sheet set and mattress can require a bit of trial and error because what is perfect for the Windsors might not feel quite right to you, add a partner into the equation and it gets even more complicated. Everyone has their preferences, and while Egyptian cotton is amazing, there are so many fabrics to try.

The NYT Strategist declared the best sheets overall in 2024 after their thorough review were the Organic Washed Cotton Percale Sheets from West Elm, and the experience most like a high-end hotel to be Frette’s Classic Sheet Set. For Egyptian Cotton, Matouk is truly one of the best, but many other favorites like Parachute and Pure Parima are quality.

In the timeless pursuit of comfort, bedding preferences vary widely, from ancient civilizations to modern-day luxury brands. As the bedding landscape evolves, the essence of comfort remains paramount, shaped by individual tastes and quality craftsmanship. Ultimately, whether seeking the familiarity of Egyptian cotton or the crispness of percale, the quest for restful slumber continues to inspire innovation and exploration.

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