NY Nostalgia

NYC Nostalgia

Few places are more exciting than New York City during the holiday season. From the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center to the remarkable decorations along Fifth Avenue, New York City is the home to some of the most historic and beloved holiday sights in the country. 
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Roux says of Caractère’s approach to the menu’s organization, “The character traits used to describe the dishes are quirky and characterful, describing not only the food but also both our personalities.”
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You Can Have Your Diet and Eat Your Cake Too!

Depending on how you look at it, dessert is either a sweet treat to enjoy after a sensible dinner or a fool-proof way to foul up your strict regimen. But what if dessert was just another part of the meal, a source of lean proteins, plant fiber, healthy fats--and delicious to boot?
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The Polo Bar

Ralph Lauren's Polo Bar offers a luxurious setting for classic all-American fare and libation in the heart of NYC.
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Recipe: Carrot Cake

As time has gone by, I’ve found ways to embellish and add my own flare, such as soaking the raisins in Grand Marnier for a few hours, using more freshly grated nutmeg than the recipe calls for and using only organic ingredients.
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