Center for Family Services Building Community in Palm Beach

By Brenna Kehew Sculley

by ELYSIAN Magazine

ELYSIAN’s Night in White was about more than just elegance and fun on the water. Continuing a tradition of incorporating philanthropy into ELYSIAN events, ELYSIAN Impact held a fundraiser for the Center for Family Services of Palm Beach County, which offers mental health services, to honor the story of Rhonda Wilkins Fischer, who graces the cover of our Summer 2023 En Blanc issue.

The Center for Family Services of Palm Beach County is a valuable resource for those who are facing challenging times and need support to overcome obstacles and improve their lives.

The nonprofit center has been serving the community for more than 60 years. It has grown to become one of the largest providers of family services in the region, and its mission is to strengthen families and individuals by empowering them to face challenges.

With a focus on counseling and mental health services, the center offers individual, family, and group counseling services to help people cope with such mental health challenges as depression, anxiety and trauma. It brings focus to substance abuse treatment, child and family services, domestic violence services, and homeless services, all critical areas of need in any community. 

The center recently developed a Trauma-Informed Children’s Therapy Program, which is designed to provide specialized therapeutic services to children who have experienced trauma and help them to build resilience and improve their mental health. 

The center is important to the community because it provides critical support and services to women, men, children and families who are facing difficult circumstances. It helps to strengthen the community as a whole by promoting healthy families and individuals. By offering programs and services that support mental health, substance abuse treatment, and early childhood education, among others, the organization is working to create a healthier, more resilient community.

The Center for Family Services relies on the support of the community for funding. By supporting the organization through donations or volunteer work, members of the community can help ensure that these important services continue to be available to those who need them. 

ELYSIAN has a commitment to philanthropy woven into all of our work. It is important we continue to address some of the most pressing social issues of our time, encourage innovation and civic engagement, support the arts and culture, and leverage resources to create lasting change through our endeavors, and we are honored to support such an important group. 

While reflecting on the great work of this organization, join ELYSIAN in supporting it and join us in donating. And mark your calendar for Feb. 21, 2024, for the center’s signature fundraising event, Old Bags Luncheon, at The Breakers Palm Beach. 

Old Bags Luncheon has been recognized by the Palm Beach Daily News as one of the top five Palm Beach social events of the season. The event boasts an extraordinary silent auction offering a wide selection of new or gently used authentic designer handbags, a beautiful lunch served in one of The Breakers’ oceanfront ballrooms and a celebrity speaker. This event is not one to miss. 

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