Elysian Impact and the WLS Foundation: Supporting Those Who Serve

by Amber Edwards
ELYSIAN Impact is deeply committed to supporting those who have dedicated their lives to serving others. One of our key partners in this mission is the WLS Foundation, an organization that provides direct support to veterans and first responders in South Carolina’s Upstate. Founded in 2015, the WLS Foundation resonates profoundly with veterans who are struggling.
The WLS Foundation has positively impacted thousands of lives, often changing and saving the lives of men and women who have answered the call of duty. Each year, the foundation assists between 200 to 400 veterans, depending on individual needs and circumstances. Unlike organizations that cast a broad net, WLS focuses on providing individualized counseling and assistance, ensuring that each veteran receives the specific support they require.
The need for such services is immense, with approximately 2.6 million veterans residing in the Charlotte to Atlanta corridor. While WLS serves any veteran in need, the majority of their clients are based in South Carolina. The challenges faced by returning heroes often extend long after they come home, manifesting in depression, anxiety, financial struggles, and marital problems. The foundation, comprised of veterans who understand these struggles firsthand and supporters dedicated to improving their lives, aims to alleviate these burdens.
For many veterans, asking for help is a significant hurdle. The WLS Foundation assists in navigating the often complex Veterans Administration systems and provides immediate mental health support for those in crisis. The organization’s President and CEO, Patrick Elswick, brings a unique combination of military and business experience to his role. A Marine veteran who served two combat deployments, Patrick earned a four-year honorable discharge before transitioning to the business world, where he focused on building and selling startups. Since joining WLS in 2015, he has applied his business acumen to grow the foundation, meeting with veterans to assess needs, raising funds, and managing the WLS Outdoor Therapy Program, which allows veterans to reconnect with nature.
Patrick’s hands-on approach and commitment to crafting paths to success for veterans are at the heart of WLS’s impact. His daily activities include meeting with clients, collaborating with nonprofit partners, and overseeing various initiatives to ensure veterans receive the comprehensive support they deserve.
ELYSIAN Impact is proud to partner with the WLS Foundation, championing their mission to support those who have served our country. Through our collaboration, we aim to amplify their efforts, raising awareness and encouraging support for the foundation’s vital work. Together, we can make a significant difference in the lives of veterans, honoring their service and sacrifices by providing the assistance they need to thrive.

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