Equestrian Riding Boots

by ELYSIAN Magazine

ELYSIAN shows you the best equestrian boots from competition to field to paddock, so you can prepare for the new season.

After a long winter – a very long winter for all of us across the country – all of you equestrian lovers out there are probably itching to get back out there in the saddle and enjoy some milder weather. And just like winter, your boots won’t last forever. It may be time to upgrade your equestrian footwear in preparation for the new season.

Whether you ride English or Western style, for sport or recreation, ELYSIAN made up the perfect list of boots that you’ll absolutely love to get your hands on.

The Road to Kentucky Horse Shoe


No rider’s wardrobe is complete without a set of dress boots. These are considered the most iconic of equestrian riding apparel (and the up-to- or above-the-knee style recently came into vogue in the fashion arena). Traditionally black and made of leather, changing times and traditions have started to become more lax on the rules that dictate what boots are appropriate for competition, we decided to stick with the classics.

Ariat® FEI Monaco Lx Dress Zip

$600.00, equestriancollections.com

Tuffrider Belmont Dress Boots

$179.95, equestriancollections.com

The Road to Kentucky Horse Shoe


Field boots are used for jumping disciplines. They traditionally combine both zippers for slip-on-slip-off and laces at the ankle for flexibility in the stirrups. Each of our picks are crafted from perfectly snug high-quality leather. Field boots really are the best of both worlds.

TuffRider Regal Supreme Field Boot

$207.63, equestriancollections.com

Just Togs Kensington Tall Riding Boots

£174.00, naylors.com

Tredstep Stretch DaVinci Field Boots

$489.99, equestriancollections.com

The Road to Kentucky Horse Shoe


Every rider needs a pair of good, sturdy paddock boots for everyday wear. Paddock boots are generally worn for working around the stables or pleasure riding. Because they are shorter, these boots can be paired with half-chaps to give the appearance of a taller competition boot.

Ovation Aeros Show Zip Paddock Boot

$119.95, equestriancollections.com

Horze Hamptons Paddock Boots

$99.99, equestriancollections.com

Tredstep Spirit Wax Paddock Boots

$136.99, equestriancollections.com

The Road to Kentucky Horse Shoe


These boots are made to be worn for long-distance riding. Usually short, endurance boots are designed to allow for superior comfort, and many types give plenty of room in the toe to allow for foot flexibility. Just lace a pair of these up, and you’re good to ride for hours on end.

Ariat Maxtrak UL

$107.99, equestriancollections.com

Roper Crossrider Horseshoe Boots

$103.95, equestriancollections.com

Roper Horseshoe Kiltie Riding Shoe

$107.99, equestriancollections.com

The Road to Kentucky Horse Shoe


Rain boots, wellingtons and “muck boots” are exactly what they sound like – waterproof boots to be worn in harsh weather or while clearing an untidy barn. Though traditionally made of rubber, there are also trendy leather options.

Joules ‘Evedon’
Rain Boot

$164.95, nordstrom.com

Noble Outfitters Muds Boots

$99.95, equestriancollections.com

Joules Wellibob Short Rain Boots

$64.95, nordstrom.com

The Road to Kentucky Horse Shoe


Maybe you’re not in the stables as often as you’d like, or maybe you just simply love the look of those tall leather boots with leggings or your favorite sundress. Whether you go for more traditional looking show boots or some flashy leather cowboy boots, you’re sure to find something that will express your style in and out of the arena.

Vince Camuto Patira Over-the-knee Boot

$94.47, nordstrom.com

Ovation Cameron Country Boots

$179.95, equestriancollections.com

Ariat Sterling

$180.00, equestriancollections.com

Söfft Sharnell Riding Boot

$199.95, nordstrom.com

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