Sole-Searching: Five Fall Boot Trends

by Elysian Magazine

The air is turning crisp, the leaves are changing to orange and gold, and it’s nearly time to trade in your sandals and shorts for scarves and gloves, soft thick socks and boots, and pumpkin spice flavors!

The shops are filled with fall’s latest fashions, so what better time to take stock and start planning all of those fabulous fall outfits that go great with boots and cozy sweaters.


Why are boots perfect for fall weather?

The weather in fall can be a mixed bag: One moment it can feel balmy and warm, as if summer is here to stay; other days, the skies open up and pour and the wind chills you to the bone. Boots are the perfect in-between attire, and they will usually carry you into late spring. Invest in a high-quality pair of boots, and you will get as much as ten years of wear out of them.


How to take care of boots in the fall

No matter where you are, the boots you wear in fall will face a variety of weather conditions. Make sure that your boots can withstand all the challenges that fall weather brings so they will stand the test of time.

Boot protection

High-quality leather and suede boots are a great investment, so protect them with an equally high-quality waterproofing treatment.

Leather love

Leather needs to be moisturized regularly so that it remains supple. A leather conditioner designed for boots gives your leather boots longevity.

Rubber sole

Your boot already has a sole, but you can improve the duration by protecting it with a rubber coating available at most shoe repair shops. Adding a rubber sole also offers additional traction (very helpful in wet winter weather conditions) and the possibility of a pop of color, too, if the shop has options.

Boot trees

After a walk in the rain, your boots will be in a more delicate condition. Inserting boot trees into your boots as soon as you take them off will prevent misshaping.

Brushing and creams

Suede boots require a bit of extra care. Buff out stains as soon as possible with a suede brush or eraser, and use a leather cream to treat color fades and scuffs for leather boots.


Five Fall Boot Trends You Need to Know About

Chelsea Boots

If you want a boot that never goes out of style, Chelsea boots are just what you’re looking for! They go with almost anything and come in many different styles. Chelsea boots are the perfect option for fall, with their chunky soles, ideal for crunching through fallen leaves and light frost.

The Chelsea boot can be a little on the bulky side, depending on their sole, but lighter ones are also available. Commonly paired with jeans, they go with everything. For the office, choose sleek black ones. For a bit of an edge, opt for a pair with thick chains or a style with the double-link chain.



If your fashion choices are more daring and you like a little excitement, then thigh-high boots are the way to go. You can even go a little bolder and opt for a high-shine bright color, too.

If this is your first venture into the world of thigh-high boots, classic black leather is an easy entry. But if you are more adventurous, they come in soft browns, bright purples, and a more rockin’ black with chains and other embellishments.

If you choose to be more subtle, wear boots that match the color of your leggings or skirt, an oversized cozy sweater, and a long coat — perfect fall casual attire.

If thigh-high is a bit too bold for you, knee-high boots are a great alternative, and what’s more, they are cozy and easy to style, too.



For those who want ultimate comfort, a fluffy bootie — as seen on the autumn and winter runway from MSGM, Off-White, and Loewe — is right up your alley. While fluffy boots aren’t your best choice unless the weather is sure to be dry, they are ultra-cute and super-cozy.

If fluff on the outside of the boot has no appeal, never fear, for this season’s catwalk was also packed with slides and mules with fluff on the inside instead — ideal if you aren’t ready to give up slippers just yet, but you need to run errands!


Buckle Up

Buckles check all the right boxes if you have a penchant for good biker or rocker boots. Emporio Armani, Miu Miu, and Roberto Cavalli all showcased mid-calf biker books with buckles from the ankle to the top of the boot.

Buckle boots are a statement in and of themselves, so the rest of your outfit can be relatively pared-back. The biker boot is enough to add an edge to super feminine outfits. They can be perfect for long walks (once worn in), and they will last for years with some care and attention.

If you want to combine two trends in one, then the Saint Lauren Buckled Ankle Boot is both a platform and has the buckle, too!



The heels have it! A gold heel on a black boot is currently trending with designers like Gucci, YSL, and Kat Maconie. But the trend for having an interesting big heel, in a bold shape and a lot of fun, can be seen across many runways.

Choose heels filled with flowers or swirls of color, in a chain shape or, in the case of YSL, a literal YSL-shaped heel. Angeled heels were seen on the runway for Bottega Veneta, Tom Ford, and Prada. While some of the heel shapes won’t work for people who aren’t used to wearing heels, low block heels can be a great choice.

There is a boot to suit every fashion choice this fall — but if boots aren’t quite your thing, shops are filled with plenty of fun flats and ultra-boho clogs to keep you cozy all winter long.

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