Using Style as an Outward Expression of Who You Are Inside

By Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin

by Elysian Magazine

There is a quote from Audrey Hepburn that I find inspirational: “Why change? Everyone has their own style. When you have found it, you should stick to it.” 

Growing up, fashion really played a big role in my life. As a child, I would watch my mother getting dressed at night with her beautiful dresses and handbags; everything so elegantly matched together was inspiring. I never quite figured out how I would do that myself, because I was a bit awkward in a way – being a gymnast, wearing the same leotard and outfit… Everything was uniform. 

Then, at age 15, I met a very dear friend in London who became my fashion idol. She introduced me to shoes I had never seen before and styles so iconic that I was just in constant awe of her world. I started to develop my own signature style that became very reminiscent of my younger days from London to Los Angeles. 

I found myself constantly looking for new and innovative ways to mix and match different pieces in my wardrobe; oftentimes, people did not understand my style until some time had passed and it became on trend, and I would just smile a little smirky grin. 

Moving to New York in recent years helped me to develop my sense of style. Working with an extraordinary stylist and attending events such as the Fashion Group International’s 38th Annual Night of Stars Gala this month in New York has given me such a sense of pride.

Through SohoMuse, I have been able to support extraordinary and iconic designers, and to watch amazing styles being created is the greatest gift – Frederik Anderson, who won the FGI Rising Star Award for Womenswear of 2022, for example. 

In these photos I am wearing a ravishing dress by Celestino, a designer on SohoMuse. Ultimately, I believe that what you wear can change your entire mood and how you feel about yourself, because it’s an external representation of the person you are inside.

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