by Celia Cooksey

Christina has been a pet lover since she was a little girl. She grew up in a house with animals all around her, including fish, dogs, cats, hamsters, and rabbits. She went on to study biology in college and fell in love with the study of zoology.

After realizing she did not want to go to med school, Christina spent some time as a veterinarian assistant. She noticed that many pet owners did not understand their pets and how they could be mistreating them, discovered there was nothing she could do to help the animals, and ended up leaving the practice. She became a lead lab technician at the Infectious Disease Clinic in San Antonio, Texas, where she began her research into disease behavior and effects.

Christina started her family and began working with the state of Texas, helping train dogs that were at risk of being euthanized due to behavioral problems. She was able to find happy homes for the dogs and assist families with developing healthy relationships with their pets, until finally becoming a co-founder of a dog (and pet) owner training and placement business.


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