Fish Fry Recipes

by ELYSIAN Magazine

Elysian’s guide to hosting a Fish Fry Recipe bash

In many towns along the Eastern Seaboard, Fish Fry Recipes are enjoyed as an annual tradition. We love the idea of setting aside hamburgers and hotdogs for lighter, healthier fare. We recommend that all fish and seafood be cooked and served within 24 hours of purchase.

Our Fish Fry recipes include four types of seafood: fried cod, blackened catfish, sauteed Lemon Flounder, and cumin shrimp. Plus there’ll be creamy coleslaw, chopped salad, and potato salad.

The day before your Fish Fry recipe bash, prepare the coleslaw and potato salad. Prep the chopped salad and marinate the shrimp the morning of your event. We like to present the salads on a buffet table, and each fish item is passed around in courses, hot from the skillet.

Gather your friends and family and make your fish fry party the biggest party of the season. Because the spread includes four types of seafood, we recommend procuring a quarter pound of each fish fry per person so you can have enough on hand without leaving waste.

Check out these Fish Fry recipes, and get cooking!

Fish Fry dinner parties are best when the appetizers are truly nailed. Coleslaw, potato salad, and chopped salad are all amazing options for meals enjoyed on a sunny day. Try some of these healthy appetizers that pair beautifully with fish.

Cole Slaw
fish fry recipes


Potato Salad
fish fry recipes

Chopped Salad
fish fry recipes

Although many might associate fish with traditionally lighter flavors, that doesn’t mean it has to be boring!

From traditional fried cod, to zesty lemon flounder along to spicy cumin shrimp, keep your fish fry lively with these wonderful entrees.

Fried Cod
fish fry recipes


Lemon Flounder with Dill
fish fry recipes

Blackened Catfish

Cumin Marinated Shrimp
fish fry recipes

We hope these recipes and tips will be helpful to you as you prepare your fish fry dinner!

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