Getting There: Backing Up Humanity’s History

by ELYSIAN Magazine

ELYSIAN is taking on the responsibility of backing up humanity’s history and preserving our culture for future generations. Our first issue of 2023 will be digitized and become part of an indestructible time capsule called the Lunaprise that will be landed on moon. This initiative has an importance that transcends everyday life, as the thought of looking up into the sky and knowing a piece of our art, history and hard work will inspire women for millions of years to come.

Galactic Legacy Labs, the creator of Lunaprise, filled this indestructible time capsule with art curated from 222 artists, musicians, historians — mavericks from all over the world, to be launched to the moon via the Nova-C lander, built by Intuitive Machines. Filled with all of human history and everything we need to preserve our culture, it is their vision the heart and soul of humanity live on forever.

The commitment to preserving culture throughout the solar system is possible due to the collaboration of Galactic Legacy Labs with The Arch Mission Foundation, a nonprofit that archives humanity’s heritage for future generations. The Billion Year Archive within the Arch Foundation’s initiative looks far beyond saving stories for the next generation. The Earth may not last forever (or even another billion years), so sending multiple time capsules across the solar system is a way to look past what may happen and hope that somehow having our stories in the galaxy will be meaningful.

Arch Libraries are the most durable records of human civilization ever built. These capsules are built to withstand anything, and in space they’ll need the durability.

Spurred by Nova Spivack in 2015, the vision that all of us have a responsibility to future generations to protect our knowledge for eternity has fueled the Arch Mission Foundation and Lunaprise. The first capsule was launched in 2018, when the Arch Mission and SpaceX delivered Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy on a 14 billion-year durability disc of quartz in the glove compartment of Elon Musk’s Tesla. It is now still orbiting the Sun, and will be for at least 30 million years.

The second installment was the inauguration of a ring orbital archives around planet Earth, in which the Arch Mission and SpaceChain delivered the a copy of the English Wikipedia in low-Earth orbit in October 2018. The next milestone was the opening of the Lunar Library, starting with a 30-million page backup of civilization, which crash-landed on the moon with SpaceIL in April 2019. It is currently believed that the library survived the crash, and that the archived information is safely preserved.

More missions and more capsules are needed to spread the preservation of humanity’s history, and ELYSIAN is on the next ride to space.

There is a democratic element to the Lunaprise, “the world’s first crowd-sourced time capsule on the moon,” which opens up the opportunity to those wishing to preserve their own stories. Beyond just official history, the smaller human stories, emotions and moments that make us unique are important to preserve as well.

Sending anything into space isn’t easy. This initiative may seem unreasonable to some … but the noble goal of preserving history, not matter what may happen, is something that inspires us all.

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