Lunar Legacy: Making This the Moment of Women

by ELYSIAN Magazine

Why does it matter that the first magazine on the moon is a publication focused on women inspiring women?

The purpose of this endeavor is to create a lunar legacy: to preserve history to be sure, but in reality it is imperative that we make the effort to ensure a woman’s perspective is preserved as well. We recall that the etymology of the word history in and of itself is rooted in the masculine, and if we’re going to send what matters to us into the stratosphere, some of those stories must be feminine.

A digitized ELYSIAN will tell the future the women of Earth were brilliant, beautiful, kind, wise, powerful, and fun. There is a need for the “joie de vivre” or joy of life to be encapsulated – the inexplicable “je ne sais quoi” that an ELYSIAN woman brings to the table — and now, to the moon.

In 2022 we were inspired by the women of Iran for fighting the regime that confines and abuses them. We were inspired by the women who make everyday state government run. We were inspired by the women who have shaped this year and who will shape the future.

This millennium has seen the power of women reach higher and higher heights, and in a billion years, we know that the history of women will be critical to ensuring the future is bright.

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