Health Benefits of ‘Grounding’ at the Beach

By Kimberly K. Powell

by Celia Cooksey

Since my earliest memories, I’ve always been drawn to water. Have you ever wondered why so many people around the globe vacation on beaches and have their toes in the sand? It turns out there may be more to the story and more than that cold drink that is making us feel so good at the beach.

Grounding, also known as earthing, is a therapeutic technique that involves connecting your body to the Earth. It is a practice that involves connecting with the Earth’s natural energy to promote physical and mental well-being.

The idea is that by making direct physical contact with the Earth’s surface, such as soil, grass, or sand, you can absorb its electrical charge and reap various health benefits. We’ve all felt the bliss of walking barefoot on grass, but how does this practice work at the beach and how might you benefit?

The soothing environment of the beach, with the sound of waves, warm sun and sea breeze, contributes to stress reduction on its own. When combined with grounding, it can have an even more significant calming effect on your mind and body. Grounding has also been associated with improved sleep quality. By restoring the body’s natural electrical balance, it can help regulate sleep patterns and reduce insomnia. Some people report reduced pain and faster recovery from injuries when practicing grounding. It’s believed that the anti-inflammatory effects of grounding can contribute to pain relief. Many individuals experience a sense of well-being, improved mood, and increased vitality after grounding. It’s like a natural mood booster.

Here are some of the unique benefits of grounding at the ocean:

  1. Abundant Natural Elements: The ocean combines several natural elements, including water, sand, and sunlight. When you engage with these elements, you connect with a rich source of natural energy.
  2. Sandy Shorelines: Many beaches have sandy shorelines, which are perfect for grounding. Sand is an excellent conductor of the Earth’s energy, making it easy for you to establish a connection when you walk barefoot on the beach.
  3. Continuous Flow of Electrons: The ocean constantly interacts with the Earth’s surface, creating a flow of electrons. When you stand at the shoreline, these electrons are readily available for grounding, helping to neutralize free radicals and reduce inflammation.
  4. Negative Ion Rich Environment: Coastal areas, especially near the ocean, are often rich in negative ions. Negative ions are associated with improved mood and increased feelings of well-being. The crashing waves generate negative ions, and when you’re near the ocean, you can benefit from this natural phenomenon.
  5. Calming Sounds: The soothing sounds of ocean waves can have a calming effect on the mind. This auditory experience enhances the overall grounding experience, promoting relaxation and stress reduction.
  6. Scenic Beauty: The natural beauty of the ocean, with its vast horizon, changing tides, and the play of light and color, can evoke a sense of wonder and awe. This connection with the natural world can enhance the grounding experience and elevate your mood.

The next question is what can you do if you can’t get to a beach or connect with nature conveniently?

This growing trend has given way to a myriad of grounding products. Grounding products are designed to help people connect with the Earth’s natural energy and experience the potential health benefits of grounding, even when indoors or in urban environments where direct contact with the Earth’s surface is limited. These products typically involve the use of conductive materials and can include items like grounding mats, sheets, wristbands, and shoes. Check out the options from EARTHING and consider adding grounding to your wellness routine.

Whether in the grass, sand, water or dirt…take off your shoes and connect with the Earth wherever and whenever you can and know that you’re doing your body good!

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