Unique Architectural Experiences Coast to Coast

By Brenna Kehew Sculley

by Celia Cooksey

While often overlooked to its older, European counterparts, the United States offers a captivating array of architectural wonders waiting to be explored. In a nation as diverse as its landscapes, architecture tours are your ticket to uncovering the rich tapestry of design and history etched into the country’s built environment.

Maybe you have a favorite architect, and traveling to all the cities in American that person has built iconic homes is a way to create a travel itinerary. There are many places you can enjoy Frank Llyod Wright’s genius across the nation, for instance. Taliesin West in Scottsdale, Arizona, is a great excuse to visit an exciting city filled with chic shopping and delicious culinary destinations. Crafting an itinerary in the quiet woods surrounding Fallingwater in Mill Run, Pennsylvania, is a unique and powerful experience.

The Hollyhock home is a particularly interesting example of Frank Llyod Wright’s brilliance, and open for visits. While Los Angeles might be known for celebrity homes as sights to see, truly it is a mecca of mid-century modern, and there are a bevy of home tours that can inspire. The Eames House is open for visiting with reservations; the Eames House, located in the Pacific Palisades neighborhood, was designed and constructed in 1949 by husband-and-wife team Charles and Ray Eames (of Eames chair fame) to serve as their home and studio. The LA Conservancy always has new events and featured tours, and for a unique take on home and history appreciation, try a hiking tour highlighting the homes of the 1960s musicians of Laurel Canyon that captivated the nation.


Of course Washington boasts an array of awe-inspiring government buildings and memorials, but there are also gems for the lovers of home tours. New Orleans’ Creole Elegance is a unique one to admire, and all across the state of Louisiana are plantation homes open for viewing. You can see the Crescent City’s French, Spanish, and Creole influences shine in its unique architecture, and explore the ornate facades of the French Quarter and the grandeur of the Garden District on guided tours.

There is something cozy about domestic travel. There is something to be said for quick local getaways, low-key visits to cities you sometimes overlook. Home tours are an intimate and fun way to experience the marvel of design for living spaces, and the possibilities there can be.

As an architecture aficionado, you can marvel at the skyline as you walk across the New York City, or along the river on an architecture river tour of Chicago, or enjoy the charm of colonial cities when strolling the cobblestones of Charleston, or duck tours of Boston, and along the way, find unique experiences of an intimate interior home tours.

These architecture tours offer a unique lens through which to appreciate America’s multifaceted architectural legacy. Whether you’re captivated by historic gems, modern marvels, or unique design styles, these journeys promise an enriching exploration of the nation’s built heritage. Step into the heart of America’s architectural tapestry and let its stories unfold before your eyes.

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