Houseplants as Art in Your Home

by ELYSIAN Magazine

Creative endeavors are some of the best means to de-stress and add personal statements to your home. Such a hobby can be shared with others by working together on projects or by taking the time to create a sentimental gift. The avenues for creativity truly become endless when you begin to consider outside elements to incorporate into your artwork. One unique element likely already exists in your home, and if not, is a good excuse to start another new hobby – house plants. The lush foliage of your plants can serve beyond the aesthetic factor that they present on their own, and they can be worked into all kinds of compelling displays.

Vining plants such as pothos, philodendron, monsteras, inch plants, and ivy are popular plants that many people will pin to walls as a lush, jungle-style display. These displays can be taken a step further, and instead of simply pinning the vines to walls, pin them into paintings to create a bold 3-D element to that work of art. Set up your plant just below your painting while pinning the vines to allow the art to come alive in your space.

If you are looking to create a wall display but painting is not your preference, look no further. A moss wall is an excellent way to add as much or little texture to your walls as you would like. These are generally created within some form of wooden frame, often using preserved moss that requires no care on your end and can be glued right in. Preserved moss can come in various shades and colors, offering the opportunity to create a staggering display of nature. This project can also be done with live moss; however, you will not be able to use glue and may find pins as a better alternative in initially creating the display. Furthermore, the live moss will need to be thoroughly misted at least once a week.

Air plants are unique to the plant world as they do not want or need soil to survive and can be placed just about anywhere. Since they are not in soil, they will require water that has bacteria in it, which can be found via rainwater, pet bowl water, aquarium water, or water that has been left to sit out. The plant will either need to be thoroughly misted or dunked into this “dirty” water once per week. The opportunities for air plant placement are endless, as they would fare well incorporated into a moss wall, used as an addition to a painting, made to hang in some fashion, or placed in any other form of display.

Taking advantage of your favorite plants in your collection for art can seem intimidating, but there are many ways to do so without harming the plant. One very simple option is to use tracing paper with your leaves, taking the time to gently work with the plant to trace its leaf and stem shapes. If you are willing to sacrifice a leaf or two from your plant, however, they can be used to create incredibly simple or detailed prints just by painting and pressing the leaves onto canvases. Similarly, leaves that have been trimmed from plants can be pressed between two pieces of glass to create a permanent display of that plant.

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