Blake Barrios + ARTesian Wine

by Elysian Magazine

Blake Barrios & Rebellium Studio bring philanthropy, vision, and expression to life, through the creation of hand-painted wine bottles. Growing up in Napa Valley, Blake has built a lot of relationships and met many winemakers. But in one, he found a partner, Jon Keyes. Through Blake’s vision and Jon’s passion for winemaking, their partnership has taken on a life of its own: Jon’s wine is encapsulated in bottles artistically designed by Blake, who says “Art has always been therapeutic and a way of life. Having the opportunity to connect with community invokes creativity and learning in me.”

Blake and Jon, both gifted in their arts, were able to bring the vision of art and wine together by creating the cult-followed, rare wine label Rebellium, producing just 150 magnums a year. “Being like-minded on art and wine, it’s rare, but it’s special. That’s why it works, and it works well.” says Blake, on his partnership with Jon. Blake is fond of quoting Steve Jobs, with “The people that are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”


Using oil paints, Blake creates one-of-a-kind, hand-painted glass bottles, often collaborating with non-profit foundations, musicians, athletes, and vintners, among others, to create a bottle that will fetch the highest bidding from discerning connoisseurs and art critics alike.

Ever the originalist, Blake’s art is sought after by notable musicians, athletes, and influencers. “I don’t fit in anywhere, I fit in a little everywhere,” Blake says. A philanthropist at heart, Blake has gifted his talents through art to many non-profit groups. Blake has worked with Make-A-Wish Foundation, Orangewood Foundation, and Make Yourself Foundation (promoted by the band Incubus), to name just a few.

Blake became an artist because he realized that he always experienced life visually and could conceptualize it through art. Beyond opening a world of philanthropic work over the span of Blake’s career, Jon and Blake continue their work on expanding their collaboration in the world of wine and art as well as in their philanthropy.

They would be pleased to have you become a part of their journey and encourage you to review their portfolio at

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