How to Pick Out Art for Your Home

by Elysian Magazine
How to Pick Out Art for Your Home

Decorating your home in the right way will give it a classy and stylish feel. Whether you’re adding art to your living room walls to truly make it a homey room, or you’re deciding which art pieces to display in your at-home gallery, choosing art is an essential part of decorating. Check out this guide on how to pick out art for your home.

Decide on a style of artwork

Artwork can create a sense of cohesion in your home. Start by choosing a style of artwork that blends well with your existing decor. Choosing a style of artwork shouldn’t limit the mediums you can display—it simply gives you a sense of direction when you’re selecting artists. Start by exploring different time periods, and let that guide you into different styles. Choosing your style or theme is the first step to filling your home with beautiful art.

Research artists

Once you’ve found the style you want to display in your home, start researching prominent and local artists that create art in that or a similar style. It’s important to display both famous and local artists to keep variety in your home. As you explore different artists and look through their work, decide on your favorite art pieces, and start to think of spaces to display them in your home. Once you find one artist you like, it will be easier to find others by diving into their social media pages and finding artists they support.

Buy from trusted dealers

When you’re buying original artwork—and even if you’re purchasing prints of original artwork—it’s important to only buy from trusted art dealers. Buying direct from the artist is ideal if the artist is still living. If the artist has passed or the piece is an antique, look into how to buy antique paintings to ensure you’re getting a true antique and not an overpriced copy. It’s important to buy from trusted sellers because you’ll know that what you’re getting is the real deal and that the artist is receiving proper compensation for their work.

Buying art for your home can be an exciting process. Be sure to consult your interior decorator or an art consultant with any questions about the placement of your new pieces.

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