It’s All Happening in Lower Manhattan

by Elysian Magazine

The New York fashion community gets excited when new talent ticks all the boxes for ingenuity, vision and, not the least, marketability because, after all, that’s what keeps it thriving. New to the runway last season were Eckhaus Latta’s Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta, who received rave reviews for their Spring 2022 collection last fall, along with Connor McKnight, Saint Sintra, and Elena Velez. “There is a lot of great new talent on the schedule, including Dauphinette, Judy Turner, Loring, Luchen, Melke, PatBO, Saint Sintra, and Zankov,” says Steven Kolb, the chief executive of the CFDA.

Image courtesy of Eckhaus Latta

Eckhaus Latta

Eckhaus Latta won raves last Fall with their Spring 2022 line, above. The trending fashion house puts their own, unique stamp on wardrobe classics, such as the spaghetti-strap mini-shift, above.

The question lingers whether shows will be held live or digitally to comply with New York City’s changeable precautions over the Omicron variant. (There is, however, a small section of digital-only brands noted on the calendar that includes Adam Lippes, Imitation of Christ, Sandy Liang, Theophilio, among others.) Notwithstanding, the CFDA and IMG have assured that COVID precautions will be in place. Kolb added, “We will be following the COVID protocols that were instated in September that call for mandatory vaccination, mask wearing indoors, and scaling back the size of audiences. We continue to be in contact with local and state health officials as we monitor the Omicron variant.”

Image courtesy of Saint Sintra

Saint Sintra

Sintra Martins, designer of Saint Sintra, designs romantic pieces inspired by nostalgia, for all body types. Pictured above is her “Pleated Mini,” a belted pleated micro-mini with brass hardware, zip fly closure, adjustable belts, and chain clasp keychain holder patch.

One thing is certain about New York Fashion Week. It’s exciting, fast-paced, and energetic, sure. And if you’ve been in the fashion world you know the competition is fierce, and the struggle to get to the top can destroy lesser souls. It takes guts, talent, and lots of cash. But there is one thing that, somehow, you never read about and don’t know unless you’re on the ground—and that’s a rare generosity of spirit among established designers for emerging designers who remember what it was when they started out. They are the community whose benefactors, in every way, are the buyers and the magazine editors. It’s a tight community and a supportive one—providing you’ve got what it takes.

Image courtesy of Judy Turner

Judy Turner

Judy Turner specializes in luxury knitwear. Based in New York, she launched her brand in 2018 and, after has become an emerging designer who is rapidly climbing the rungs of high fashion. Her appeal is all about comfort and uncluttered style.

Image courtesy of Luchen


There is a spiritual philosophy that is integral to the fashion of this emerging design house. “Growth, atrophy, stasis, pulsation, the human body shape changes with time. LÙCHEN’s design, draping aping starts from the structure, partially affixes to the body but eventually disengages, thus creating garments that embrace the instability caused by time while acting as three-dimensional objects.” Or is it that the fashion is the consequence of its philosophy?

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