Letter From The Publisher: Spring 2019

by Karen Floyd

“To whom much is given, much is expected”

As publisher of ELYSIAN, I have been fortunate to interact and work with incredibly talented women from diverse walks of life. From time to time, this leads me to an epiphany of sorts – an “aha” moment. In the final stages of laying out this issue, something dawned on me. In the past, we touched on themes of giving back—a foundational concept for this publication—but we had not yet zeroed in on the subject of women-driven philanthropy — the form it takes and how it is shaped by our shared sense of responsibility to the next generation.

Inspiring Women. (Anecdotal stories)

The stories of Inspiring Women in this issue demonstrate the ways in which philanthropy connects women within and across communities, and to issues of global importance, all while making a difference in ways that reflect women’s choices, individual talents and ambitions.

In this edition’s Inspiring Women interviews, we focus on unique stories of philanthropy. They are largely, though not exclusively, centered around the sport of golf. Why golf?  Golf is a sport in which women have had to overcome obstacles to gain the recognition they deserve. Yet there is more than that:  the very sport itself reflects the experiences and values of all women who have achieved success. Golf is a sport that requires grit, determination and unyielding commitment. It is also an especially individualistic, and sometimes even lonely, endeavor. The accomplished golfer must be self-reliant. She demands more of herself than of anyone else. In many ways, her efforts mirror those of women who have carved a path to success in any career. Hall of Famer Beth Daniel said it best: “Every life lesson can be learned on the golf course — winning, losing, problem-solving, managing fear and harnessing ambition.”

Once these women became established, each shifted the focus of her energies. Collectively, they were determined to give back. Today, they find fulfillment in causes in which they have a direct impact. They share important perspectives on giving back across a wide range of philanthropic causes — from juvenile diabetes to clean water initiatives to veteran’s affairs. Their examples challenge us to do more as we strive to make a difference through this publication.

As in each issue of ELYSIAN, we connect the perspectives of accomplished women to the aspirations of young women who are beginning to chart their own course. Along with Daniel, professional golfers Betsy King and Michelle McGann direct words of advice to up-and-coming golf superstar, Lucy Li. At only 16, Li herself is an inspiration to young girls who are passionate about sports.

Graceful Living. (Deliberate, spirited and bold)

From the haute couture runways to the soaring heights of skyscrapers, our Graceful Living pages will transport you into a world defined by beauty, grace, and style. In this issue, we explore the lasting architectural legacy of the late Dame Zaha Hadid, celebrate the ten-year anniversary of avant-garde fashion house, Rodarte, and uncover the fascinating personal history of Hollywood legend Audrey Hepburn.

As we herald 2019 as “The Year of Women in Golf,” we have captured the spirit of the golfing lifestyle. We trace the ongoing evolution of the clothing styles seen on fairways and greens, and we preview one of the great watershed golf events of the 21st Century – the Augusta National Women’s Amateur, in which women will compete for the first time on the hallowed grounds of the Augusta National Golf Club.

We hope to continue engaging our readers through our twin focus, championing the individual and her successes while also celebrating the common connections and shared interests of the intellectually curious woman.

Thank you for sharing the journey with us as we strive to do more.

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