Letter From The Publisher: Summer 2016

by Karen Floyd

Our Premise

The first edition of this magazine was launched in February with the definition ELYSIAN prominently displayed on the back cover: Greek in origin, the word ELYSIAN means beautiful or creative, divinely inspired, peaceful and perfect.

Though we felt confident that the filled a regional, women-centric need, we frankly did not expect the categorically positive response to be so specifically directed toward the beautiful visuals and informative content. For your kind responses, comments and input, we are forever grateful. Digitally we were able to track our readership. It was fascinating and validating to learn of your interest in the most frequented, section entitled, Women of Distinction. In light of the experimental curiosity of our readers, each edition of ELYSIAN will continue to explore the private lives of four extraordinary women and delve into the intricacies and nuances of how these women came to achieve notable uniqueness.

This edition, we included our first Landmark- Women of Distinction, Fern Mallis, who founded Fashion Week New York and served as Charleston Fashion Weeks’ lead judge in March. It was a distinct honor and privilege to join Fern in her New York brownstone as she shared life’s journey.

Our goal is to build a breadth of knowledge around areas of importance identified by the authentic ELYSIAN reader. Spotlighting the arts, culture, beauty, style, dining, drink, philanthropy, health, fitness, home, travel and exploration, we endeavor to become your regional resource.

Thank you once again for your support of ELYSIAN.


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