Letter from the Publisher: Summer 2018

by Karen Floyd


Through anecdotal storytelling and experiential features, ELYSIAN challenges the reader to self-define. In simple terms, our goal is to assist the reader in finding her unique path. This objective is embodied in ELYSIAN’s two-fold Mission. First, through the stories of Inspiring Women, we seek to spread the narrative of women across broad spectrums of achievement. We aim to ignite a discourse which acknowledges the responsibility all women have to the next generation. Second, Graceful Living, with Rhonda Wilkins at the helm, is defined by deliberate, spirited and bold living; expressed through alluring content and visuals, it is at the heart of what ELYSIAN brings our reader.

Inspiring women. ( anecdotal  stories  )

Life stories of struggles and successes are represented by this issue’s Inspiring Women. From Buenos Aires to Palm Beach and north to New York City, we see first-hand how women craft their life’s journey. Amongst unpredicted twists and turns, their “north star” led them to experience much of life on their own terms. Author, interpreter, literary agent, and fashion icon, these women pursued career and personal paths that anecdotally encourage others.

In this issue, the editorial board is honoring Bonnie McElveen-Hunter as our Publisher’s Nonpareil for her outstanding contributions to humanitarianism, foreign diplomacy, business, and the cultural arts, where her vision and tireless efforts have had far-reaching impact. With a list of “firsts” by her name, McElveen-Hunter’s impressive career includes being the former U.S. Ambassador to Finland, founding Pace Communications, a Fortune 500 company, and serving as the first and only female chairman of the American Red Cross.

Graceful living. ( deliberate, spirited and bold )

Summer is a time of discovery. Executive Director of Graceful Living, Rhonda Wilkins prepares the explorer with accoutrements and necessities as she summers in St Tropez. It is also noteworthy that ELYSIAN’s travel experiences can ALL be accomplished on one’s own. Whether Space Travel, Solo-cation or Pet-cation, these adventures are tailored to the nontraditional traveler.

Graceful Living also embodies the idea of giving. Our Philanthropic focus is children with physical and mental disabilities. Our philanthropic arm spotlights four organizations, each offering support and services to special needs children and their families.

Looking beyond the Summer Issue, we are proud to announce the inaugural ELYSIAN Equestrian Special Edition. Launched in partnership with ICON Global, this special fifth edition is devoted to the equestrian world and underpins our commitment to inspire and galvanize our readers. ELYSIAN Equestrian will bring exposure to women who are taking the charge in key disciplines, including: Polo, Eventing, Hunter/ Jumper, Dressage, and Carriage Driving.

At the core of every story, ELYSIAN brings a message of creativity, enlightenment, and knowledge to our readers. It is our desire to transform the lives we touch.

Thank you for joining us on this incredible journey.

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