Letter From the Publisher: Winter 2022/23

by Karen Floyd
Photo of Karen Floyd, Publisher of ELYSIAN Magazine

“If you like laws and sausages, you should never watch either one being made.”


a former prosecutor and judge, I understand firsthand, sausage is both more predictable and controlled than making laws, publishing magazines . . . and life itself. In a sausage factory there is a common culinary goal, specific recipe to follow, and a defined production process, all of which is precise and measured.

Not so with the law, magazines or life.

Last year at our annual ELYSIAN editorial retreat (where quarterly content is decided), I pitched the idea of a “Winter, Thought Leader Issue.” With the November elections perhaps there was an opportunity to spotlight women legislators? Sufficed to say many of my colleagues did not immediately concur. “What about the holidays?” our Creator-in-Chief quipped . . . knowing full well our Q4 Holiday issue is one of the ELYSIAN readerships and also my favorites. It has always been “a given” that with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hannukah, our Q4 issue focus would be themed around the Holidays . . .

The idea for an issue focused on “women thought leaders” began four years ago, when I had the privilege of interviewing the executive director of the National Foundation for Women Legislators (NFWL) for part of the ELYSIAN Inspiring Woman series. I was intrigued when Jody Thomas explained that her non-partisan organization NFWL provides resources and development to all elected women. “NFWL is a national organization where there is never an R or a D on anyone’s nametag,” she said. The organization’s goal is to exchange diverse legislative ideas and foster effective governance amongst elected women from across the country and across the aisle. NFWL is a bright light shining in a time of dim grey. Women coalescing around ideas and generating change . . . setting aside their political differences for common good. The ELYSIAN reader can see from the interviews of the women legislators a shared transcendence of purpose.

Finally, little did we know at the time of our editorial content retreat the previous year, that ELYSIAN would engage in the Web3 space and the timeliness of our second NFT launch would just so happen to fall simultaneously with the Thought Leader and Holiday issue. And what more perfect a cover for the thought leader issue than the beautiful, brilliant and enigmatic Eboni K. Williams, who is also the keynote speaker for the annual NFLW meeting in Charleston, South Carolina.

The proverbial “magazine sausage” was made.

This issue, ELYSIAN’s pages are dedicated to telling unique stories and sharing experiences through both our words and photography. We believe that dreams are limitless. With holiday travel knocking at the door, whether real or imaginary, our pages will take you to France, as you turn your eyes heavenward to the soaring towers and vaulted ceilings of the Gothic cathedrals. Visualize dressing up, perhaps wearing white gloves for a high tea, an English custom embraced for centuries. From nibbling on finger sandwiches and scones, to learning the proper way to pour and select tea, let your mind marvel at what your eyes might not see. Delight in the reverie of exploring Christmas markets, which began in Germany almost one thousand years ago. Imagine music filling the air, wandering the alleyways looking for the perfect handmade “something” . . . a toy or decoration for your tree. Envision selecting the perfect garland, fir tree or star. The market would be scented with traditional Christmas aromas of spices, marzipan and cookies—and of course sausage—which brings us back to the introductory quote from eighteenth century German Otto von Bismarck, who likened the messiness of making laws to making sausage.

It is my hope that through these pages you will find answers to unknown questions and experience limitless wonders. Your imagination has no boundaries, so while you read, forget the “sausage making” of law, magazines and life. For just a moment, try to be present in the pages and experience the fantasy of words you read. Take them in, dream and explore.

In this season of gratitude, ELYSIAN is determined to make a difference and focus on content that will be heard above the din. ELYSIAN thinks differently. We believe love lights up the darkness and storytelling expands and nourishes the curious mind.

Wishing you and your families a safe and wonderful Holiday season. Thank you for sharing the journey.

With love,

Karen Floyd

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