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5 Ways to Know a Move is a Good Move

Every so often a change of scenery can keep things fresh and interesting, and lately, advances in technology have allowed individuals to live and work in separate places. Whether you’ve lived in the same city your whole life, or have moved around over the years, there may well come a time when you want or need to live somewhere new.

While some home renovation work or a new home close by might be enough to satisfy some, for others a whole new scene is on the cards, with almost 10% percent of Americans moving annually. Whether it is a new city, a change of pace, or even a completely new country, relocation can be just the ticket to feeling excited about life once again.

But before you rush to move, there are some things you need to settle on first, to ensure a relocation is really a right answer for you.

Is Your Current Location Really The Issue?

It is a given that if you are looking to leave your old life behind by relocating, you are not happy with some aspect of your life. While the property or general area may well be at fault, it is also worth exploring whether other issues need addressing because, otherwise, a move will not solve a deep-rooted sense of unease. Although feelings of general restlessness can happen because you’re living in a location that does not meet your needs, it could be something in your professional or personal life that needs attention also, if not instead.

This is a great time to have discussions with family, friends, or perhaps a therapist before making such a life-changing decision. That way, you will know for certain that you are switching up the right area of your life by relocating, instead of wrongly holding your location accountable on behalf of another issue.

Your Family

No two people have the same set of circumstances, so it is important to think of your situation specifically. Family is at the top of the agenda here, since a move will undoubtedly affect all those closest to you.

If you do happen to have children, grandchildren, or perhaps older parents, any move that will take you further from then could limit the amount of time you get to spend with them. Plus, it could mean that for special occasions or even in emergencies, you are out of reach.

At the very least, a discussion needs to be had to ensure everyone is aware of changes to come, and that there is a plan in place on how your extended family will manage the distance. Moving is hard enough without with an undertone of guilt or worry, so this is one step that really cannot be skipped.


Sure, the administrative side of relocating is not exactly thrilling, but it is very important to note when moving to a new city or even a new country, how your costs of living will change. In some cases, a move can result in less expensive housing and general living costs, especially if you plan on downsizing or moving away from the city. But, this is not always how things pan out, so you must do your research before moving, especially if you’re unfamiliar with that city, state, or country as a whole.

Talking things through with a financial advisor can be extremely insightful too, and can help you avoid running into difficulty later down the line. Ultimately, making sure you are covered for all eventualities will get your move off to the best start.

Basics and Conveniences

If your relocation is going to be permanent, then you will need to consider if the area and property itself will be able to serve you throughout the rest of your life. Planning for mobility changes later in life, for instance, is definitely worth considering, especially if the property could become difficult to manage, if basics such as healthcare access, meeting up with friends, and groceries that suit you and are less accessible.

An additional move later on in life to resolve these issues could be much harder – and totally unnecessary if you carefully consider all of your needs now rather than later. Figure out everything you will need to work, live and thrive and ensure all of these elements are achievable within your new location. Even if it takes longer to relocate in doing so, you will thank yourself for it.

Your Happiness

When you weigh all factors, what it all comes down to is your happiness and general wellbeing. Knowing that you need to relocate can be a stark realization, not to mention feeling stressful and even scary at times. However, these are natural human reactions to change and not a sign that relocation is going to be the wrong decision! If you have weighed your options and know it is definitely your location or property that is stopping you from reaching your potential, then a move may, in fact, be a good move for you.

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