Listening to Your Inner Voice

by Elysian Magazine

by Martha Wiedemann


What is the outer voice telling you? What is your inner voice telling you?

All of us are alerted and threatened by a new strain of virus rapidly spreading across the globe. Some of us are more vulnerable than others. There is no time like the present to take the necessary steps to strengthen our immunity and enhance our state of well-being. We know that in order to manage our physical wellness, we need to keep up our water intake, eat fresh foods, do regular exercise, get plenty of fresh air, have sufficient sleep and maintain good hygiene practices. However, worry, anxiety, panic and fear can easily compromise the function of our immune system. Keeping up our daily practices of meditation and pranayama will be extremely beneficial now.

The current pandemic has brought our lives to a halt in many ways causing numerous disruptions as we cancel travel plans, disconnect from group interactions and even change the way we greet one another. In some parts of the world, schools, businesses and supply channels have closed for extended periods, fragmenting the systems by which we have lived.

Whilst we do need to be well-informed on how to best manage our lives and well-being through these challenging times, there is a tendency for many people to become overwhelmed and fearful by what the outer voice is telling them.

Have we lost control? Could these circumstances endanger our livelihood? Should we now fear one another? How will we protect our loved ones? Will we become helpless and alone? We may run out of some supplies, lose our earning power, be forced to change our lifestyle or even become touched by the experience of mortality. Our world leaders may not be able to give us all the answers or solutions for how we go forward.

Our survival depends on what our inner voice, our instincts, are telling us. It is in the stillness where we hear the peaceful murmur of what this transformation can bring us.

What if we are exactly where we are meant to be? What if within these newfound circumstances, lies an opportunity for us to evolve? What if this pause gives us the chance to reevaluate our comfortable routines? What if by disconnecting we learn to listen to our inner voice and connect within? Surely, this is about how we survive and participate in creating a better world, one where we respect all life. Perhaps, it is time for us to shed what has divided us and come together as one. The systems which have been constructed by greed and intellect are collapsing. Healing through love and compassion without boundaries or judgment has to be a better way forward. Could this be the change that saves us, our spiritual beings, our humanity, and our planet? Listen to your inner voice, and let it be your compass through all uncertainty.

I greet you all with Namaste. The light within me sees and recognizes the light within you.



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