Lori R. Taylor: A Legacy of Innovation and Philanthropy

By Brenna Kehew Sculley

by Celia Cooksey

From spearheading monumental fundraising campaigns to launching groundbreaking companies, Lori R. Taylor’s career is a testament to her innovative spirit and commitment to making a significant impact in various fields. With a storied 18-year tenure at RR Donnelley, where she was instrumental in launching the Kroger loyalty program, to raising over $4 billion for disabled American veterans, Taylor’s contributions have been both diverse and profound.

In 2009, Taylor founded REV Media Marketing, an agency that quickly hit eight figures in its first year, demonstrating her unparalleled expertise in direct marketing and strategic business consulting. Her entrepreneurial journey continued with the launch of TruPet LLC, introducing TruDog, a premium freeze-dried dog food company. Under her leadership, TruPet became the 39th fastest-growing private company in America in 2018, culminating in a nine-figure acquisition by Better Choice Company Inc. in 2019.

Taylor’s ventures extend beyond the terrestrial, as she co-founded Galactic Legacy Labs LLC alongside Nova Spivack, Lanette Phillips, and Chris Habachy. This pioneering space exploration company announced the historic Lunaprise mission to the moon, aiming to preserve human knowledge and culture for over a billion years through an indestructible nanofiche technology.

Beyond her business accomplishments, Taylor is a top selling fiction author, with her series Soul Mutts highlighting the powerful bond between people and their pets. Her latest project, The Tardigees, promises to be a multi-billion-dollar franchise, teaching children about science, exploration, and emotional intelligence through the adventures of resilient tardigrades, segmented micro-animals often referred to by a nickname, “moss piglets.”

Taylor’s dream of creating a healing sanctuary for rescued horses to help heal human hearts further exemplifies her dedication to philanthropy and emotional well-being.

As Lori R. Taylor continues to push the boundaries of what is possible, her legacy of innovation, philanthropy, and leadership remains a beacon of inspiration for future generations. Her work with Galactic Legacy Labs and the recent successful SpaceX supported lunar landing since the Apollo mission has just landed her as the first women led company to compete in the billionaire boy’s race to the moon. The Lunaprise mission underscores her commitment to preserving the story of the heart of humanity and inspiring countless others to dream big and make a lasting impact.

For more information about Lori R. Taylor and Galactic Legacy Labs LLC, please visit http://gll.space and Http://lorirtaylor.com

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