ELYSIAN NFT’s Part of Historic Lunar Archive

By Brenna Kehew Sculley

by Celia Cooksey

A lunar time capsule is a critical part of ELYSIAN’s commitment to preserving culture throughout the solar system, and is possible due to the collaboration of Galactic Legacy Labs with The Arch Mission Foundation, a nonprofit that archives humanity’s heritage.

ELYSIAN covers were digitized and captured as part of the NFT file that landed on the moon. Representing a snapshot of successful women, luxury, and the appreciation of beauty embodied between the pages of ELYSIAN, we’re proud to be emblematic of that memory.

This project is reshaping the preservation of human culture across the cosmos. Spearheaded by the nonprofit Arch Mission Foundation, the Billion Year Archive initiative transcends mere archival endeavors, aiming to secure humanity’s legacy for epochs to come. Aware of Earth’s impermanence, the initiative dispatches time capsules across the solar system, betting on the enduring significance of our stories amidst galactic expanses.

These Arch Libraries, engineered to withstand the rigors of space, stand as the most robust repositories of human civilization ever constructed. Nova Spivack’s 2015 inspiration birthed the notion that safeguarding our knowledge for eternity is a shared duty to future generations, propelling initiatives like the Arch Mission Foundation and Lunaprise. The inaugural capsule, launched in 2018 alongside SpaceX, encapsulated Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy on a 14-billion-year durability quartz disc, now orbiting the Sun, a cosmic timekeeper for at least 30 million years.

Continuing this celestial saga, the second chapter unfolded with the creation of a ring orbital archive encircling Earth. In October 2018, the Arch Mission Foundation and SpaceChain delivered a copy of the English Wikipedia into low-Earth orbit. Subsequently, the Lunar Library embarked on its lunar odyssey in April 2019, beginning with a 30-million-page civilization backup aboard SpaceIL’s spacecraft. Despite a crash landing, indications suggest the library’s survival, affirming the resilience of its archived knowledge.

And now, a successful endeavor to be celebrated. The lunar time capsule has landed, and for that we are proud, honored to be included, and contemplative thinking toward what the next billion years will bring.

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