Magic is in the Journey

by Elysian Magazine

If this is not your first attempt to adopt a healthier lifestyle, but the last few times just did not motivate you enough to stick, then let us try one more time but with a process focused approach instead. You know why you gave up on portion controlled eating the last time. Was it because it was taking too long to fit into that one piece you bought from your favorite boutique, so you decided to stow it out of sight. Um… no! It was because you were not enjoying the process and were entirely too focused on the results. 


We do not promote fad diets, restrictive eating, or a certain body image here because we believe a healthy lifestyle with happiness is what truly matters. If you do not allow yourself to feel satisfied until you fit a certain size or weigh a specific number, that tense knot in your stomach will keep you feeling unrested until then. The magic, dear reader, is in trying and knowing that you are putting in the efforts to improve your overall life quality. 


Probably cheesy, but rising early to watch the world wake up is a habit that will benefit you in several ways. Step out in your soft slippers while everything is quiet, pour yourself some lukewarm water with freshly squeezed lemon and just sit down and listen to the birds chirp. This will soothe you in pleasantly surprising ways. Slip into your favorite sweats and kicks and hit the road for a morning run. Acknowledge your limbs making the effort as you dash around the block and tell yourself that you are investing your time in yourself and nothing else right now. 


If the weather or other commitments keep you inside, just roll out your yoga mat and enjoy some good quality strength training. Do not forget the mantra: you are making your body stronger, your muscles more toned, your limbs more energetic, and you are slowly getting to where you want to be, and you are enjoying getting there. 


You may go beyond your target and reach a number better than your goals, possibly sooner than you expected. Once you stop worrying about the results and start celebrating the process, you will find yourself addicted to the journey, and the positive changes you make in your lifestyle. Contrary to misleading opinions, exercise and wellness efforts are not supposed to feel like a regimentary routine, but the best investment you make in yourself. For yourself. And if it does not, then something you are doing is not right. 


Take inspiration from caterpillars metamorphosing into beautiful butterflies because they trust the process. You will reach your full potential, but we do not encourage you to wait to cherish it until the end of the journey. Celebrate every falling drop of sweat because with it falls a particle of sand, too, in the hourglass.

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