Mental Wellbeing Equals Total Wellbeing

by Elysian Magazine

Your state of mind can weaken your immune system, making you vulnerable to diseases, viruses, bacteria and pathogens. We are powerful, creative beings with the ability to materialize what we say, feel and believe to be true. Guided by our sense organs, we observe and try to understand the world we live in, influencing our environment while being influenced by it. As emotional beings, we become critical of our experiences. It is usually our most difficult experiences that mark us the most. We are not always aware of our tendency to create a future based on painful past experiences.

Unresolved emotional scars can create a void within us that does not always serve us well. The biggest void often comes from feeling deprived of love, especially at an early age. This can condition the mind in the way it perceives experiences, affecting one’s emotional, mental and physical status for years to follow. What we should know as children is that all creation comes from love, that we are lovable regardless of how we get to experience love from others. In most cases, we developed our sense of self-worth through how loved we felt as a child, and unfortunately, many of us have learned that love is limited and that we will receive it only when certain conditions are in play. In other words, we grew to believe that we receive love only when we act, do or look a certain way.

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The truth is that we already possess the power of love within us and can feel strengthened and secure through sharing love regardless of changing circumstances or conditions. This builds the foundation to good mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing Love moves the soul to expand itself and explore its purpose. One does not need to seek to experience love in some degree or variety because it is not separate from us. It is who we are, universal and limitless. Although humans have developed and evolved dramatically to create efficient ways to live in this physical world, we have not fully explored the powers within.

We need to understand that we are whole and complete in our creation. Love is within us rather than something we need to seek from the outer world to complete us. Love is a shared emotional energy, which enriches one another. It has the power to heal. Numerous studies and experiments have shown that when we unite and meditate using the power of love, we can transmit healing energy to our environment and those in need. Simultaneously, each of us possesses the power to heal ourselves.


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The Process of Self-Healing

Healing commences with self-love, recognizing, accepting and embracing your creation. The next step is to become aware and conscious of how and where you use your energy. You may misuse or even use your energy destructively through negative thinking, passing judgment on others, being jealous, harboring feelings of guilt, hate, regret or even engaging in self loathing emotions. Refrain from hating or regretting the disease but rather see that it has the potential to awaken something profound in you. Direct your energy towards what you want to create for yourself. Make the shift and tap into the energy of love within you. Start by expressing what you are grateful for, focus on the beauty of nature, the potential that life presents, the joy in sharing a smile and holding a vision for a better tomorrow.

Make it a point to reconnect with your vision, your desire and the feeling of being well again. Finally, it is time to meditate with the healing power of love through breath. Start by taking a few breaths to clear the passageways. Keep your focus on the love you have for yourself and your love for life as you breathe in slowly and deeply, connecting to universal love, taking in vitality, harmony and bliss to each cell and throughout your system. Pause a few seconds and then exhale slowly and deeply, releasing all the tension, toxins, painful memories, and anything that does not serve you well. Pause a few seconds and inhale slowly and deeply, connecting to universal love, taking in vitality, harmony and bliss to each cell and throughout your system.

Repeat the process a few more times and allow your mind, body and spirit to come to a restful state. Connect to the power of love within you, visualize and start feeling the presence of your new life. Know that you are using the power within you to heal and create. Try to remain conscious, observe your thoughts and actions. Use meditation as a tool to reprogram your mind so that you direct your energy into creating total well-being while staying connected to the vision and feeling of a better tomorrow.

Written by Martha Wiedemann

Martha Wiedemann is the Principal and Wellness Advisor of Badrutt’s Palace Hotel in St. Moritz, Switzerland. Martha was the leader of the multimillion-dollar expansion of Badrutt’s Palace Wellness Center to incorporate Ayurveda and Feng Shui. She is a world-renowned wellness and Ayurveda expert, nutritionist and has opened wellness centres in various five-star hotels and medical centres around the world. She is responsible for the concept, design and functions of Badrutt’s Palace Wellness Spa, as well as introducing the practice of Ayurveda to Switzerland.

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