Mill Hill: Where History and Elegance Collide

by Elysian Magazine
mill hill

Mill Hill is one of the countless beautiful suburbs that lie just outside of London. While each continuum of the city has its own unique history and magical atmosphere, Mill Hill is especially charming. Surrounded by wild flowers and tall trees, this North West London village is a verdant refuge for all. In addition to its natural beauty, the suburban center provides a rich diversity of experience for residents and visitors to enjoy.

Only a short train ride from the heart of London, Mill Hill has seen a population explosion in recents months. Similarly, many other areas outside the city have seen a residential boom since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Living in the heart of the suburbs has increasingly become a desirable goal.

mill hill

Mill Hill: Historically Phenomenal

The leafy area of Mill Hill is located in the London borough of Barnet, an area steeped in history and sophistication. Barnet consistently attracts families, professionals, and creatives alike, providing the region with a diverse demographic. The village can be described as quaint but contemporary – a shiny new town with an old soul.

With a rich history spanning back thousands of years, the suburb is a practice in elegantly updated antiquity.  Years ago, the area was originally occupied by the Middlesex Forest. Its name came from a windmill which was built on high ground in the 14th Century. Over the years that followed, Mill Hill became home to many historical celebrities, including two Lord Mayors of London and the abolitionist Sir William Wilberforce. Additionally, the founder of the Oxford English Dictionary, Sir James Murray, resided in the village.

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Eat, Live, and Play in Mill Hill

Aside from its history, Mill Hill has something for everyone. From home-grown gastropubs to some of the best horse riding stables in London, you’ll never be bored in this village. Other local attractions include Allianz Park Stadium, home to Saracens RFC rugby club. Additionally, the Hive Stadium in Canons Park is home to the Barnet Football Club.

Just two miles outside of Mill hill is Brent Cross, a district renowned for its namesake shopping centre. The massive complex was built in the 1970s and features over 100 luxury department stores, fashion boutiques, and restaurants. In addition to stylish wares, Brent Cross transforms into a beach-themed amusement park during the summer. This family-friendly attraction features several rides and paddling pools where visitors can cool off.

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A Place to Prosper

Just outside of this suburban center, over 373 acres of land are being developed to make way for a new town center. In fact, this massive undertaking will generate 6,700 new homes, update community facilities, and beautify public spaces. With new properties becoming available every day, the area strives to support both residents and businesses alike. Undoubtedly, this new development will act as a hub for the Northern borough of Barnet.

Mill Hill, like many suburbs, provides residents with a renewed pride for their home town. Its rich heritage, groundbreaking architecture, diverse population, and breathtaking landscapes all contribute to this sense of pride. Residents have an opportunity to connect their individual stories with the collective narrative of a local community. These are the small details that make a place feel like home.

Designing a Healthier World

The continuing urbanization of greater London has drawn some of the most forward thinking developers to this newly revitalized area. Perhaps one of the most notable new developments in the region is No.1 Millbrook Park. Surrounded by a verdant landscape, this expansion provides first rate housing for those with a keen eye for design.

Created by industry disruptor Joseph Homes, the development takes into account that powerful forces are changing our world in unexpected ways. Subsequently, No. 1 Millbrook Park is designed to prioritize the health of the homeowner. The building acts as a safe haven – luxurious, comfortable, and clean. In fact, it is perhaps the finest living experience one can find in the area.

Going Green in Style

Each home is built with environmentally-friendly materials, eradicating the use of health-endangering chemicals. The large and thermally efficient windows work to maximize natural daylight in the homes while keeping them warm in winter and cool in summer. The development also includes low VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and homes are gas-free in order to reduce toxic fumes.

Skylights in the townhouses enhance the space’s lighting and promote physical and mental wellness by keeping rooms bright. Other impressive aspects of these homes include air filtration systems that help fight seasonal allergies and ample storage space for bicycles. Additionally, No. 1 Millbrook Park offers electric car charging points that reflect the needs of today’s environmentally responsible homebuyer.

Mill Hill: An Opulent Escape

No. 1 Millbrook Park is located on the original marching parade ground of Inglis Army Barracks. The buildings offer one and two bedroom apartments as well as three and four bedroom townhouses. Inside each dwelling is a thoughtfully designed, peaceful oasis. Details include a careful mix of colors and materials that show the juxtaposition between nature and the city.

The development is set around a landscaped, central courtyard with verdant stretches of grass for picnics and an unbeatable view of the Panoramic Park. The No.1 Millbrook Park development also has easy access to the rest of London by rail and underground. The Northern Line from Mill Hill East tube station provides links to all corners of the city. Additionally, Mill Hill Broadway overground line opens up connections to all of Europe via St. Pancras while Luton Airport allows residents to travel the world.

mill hill

Mill Hill is a vital local retail area home to numerous independent stores, cafes and transport links. In fact, the area is often bustling from morning to night. So if you’re in search of the perfect home for a pandemic, look no further than No. 1 Millbrook Park.

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