MM LaFleur: Get the Most with Bento Boxes

by Elysian Magazine

Answer a few simple questions and receive the perfect set of fashions for the professional woman.

MM LaFleur is the women’s brand for the professional and the ambitious. “Madame” Sarah LeFleur founded the company in 2013, alongside creative director Miyako Nakamura and COO Narie Foster. Their credo has since remained the same: “to make purposeful women look and feel beautiful without having to work too hard for it.”

Dedicated to making women’s lives easier, they developed a revolutionary personal styling system. Enter the Bento Box.

Depending on your preference, it can be a one-time delivery or a subscription service – most women end up going back for more. Inspired by the Bento lunches LaFleur enjoyed growing up in Japan, the Bento Box is designed to act as a sampler of their designs without having to stress over selections.

How it works: You fill out a simple survey, and the MM LaFleur team of stylists handpicks four to six items to send your way. It takes less than five minutes with easy-to-answer questions, asking about things such as body type, your career setting and your typical price range.

The Bento Box acts as your own risk-free trial. You have four days after you receive the box to try everything on and decide what’s hot and what’s not. There is free shipping both ways, and you’re only charged for the items that you choose to keep.

If you’re still doubting the MM LaFleur brand, try a Bento Box. After all, there’s nothing to lose.

Because the items are specifically designed for women in corporate settings, there is no question about what may or may not be appropriate for the office. There an elegance in the balance between modesty and personality, between stretch and silhouette. MM LaFleur designs for real women; the designers themselves sometimes joke about how awkward some items look when left on the hanger. (As an added bonus: for each collection released, they release an accompanying line designed and manufactured specifically for plus-sized women.) Given the diversity of their models, there is no doubt that there’s something for everyone.

And finally our favorite part of the MM LaFleur fashions: the convenience. Most fabrics are machine-washable (hallelujah) and wrinkle-resistant (straight from the Bento Box to your body without being worse for the wear). The piéce de résistance? Almost everything has pockets.

Try a Bento Box!
Or, if you’re just in it to shop, the MM LaFleur Spring 2018 line is now available!

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