Model Profile: Lucy Li

by ELYSIAN Magazine

Our cover model for this issue is the young and talented amateur golfer Lucy Li, whose accolades in the sport of golf have already given her a spotlight on and off the green. ELYSIAN hopes to intensify this platform as she continues to succeed on the links. Holding the record as the youngest qualifer for both the U.S. Women’s Amateur and the U.S. Women’s Open, Lucy Li took the green at a major competition for the first time when she was only 10 years old. Now 16, she is primed to be one of the biggest names in golf in the coming years, an aspiration she is pursuing passionately.

We asked legendary golfers and ELYSIAN Inspiring Women, Betsy King, Beth Daniel and Michelle McGann to give her some words of advice about her future. With wisdom that only comes with decades on the links, the three women encouaged Lucy to embrace her youth and enjoy the journey that golf will give her. Betsy encouraged her to attend college and take the time to learn about life. Michelle reminded, “Have fun with every minute.” And from Beth: “Golf will always be there, so you don’t have to rush to make it happen.”

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