Outdoor Adventures in Napa Valley

by Elysian Magazine

If you had to name a place synonymous with a stunning wine and food scene, it would be France or Napa Valley – while of course France has a lot to offer, Napa Valley has actually been named the Wine Capital of the World.


Cycling is one of the most relaxing ways to spend time and what better way to explore the area than by taking a bike through the Napa Valley Vine Trail?

This great trail is designed for walking, running, or cycling. It’s not a challenging ride – but dedicated to those seeking a stunning view and staying active, so it is comfortably flat. According to Napa Valley Wine Bike Tours, there are 47 blissful miles to enjoy.

Balloon Ride

Up up and away for a view. Be prepared to get up early to experience the spectacular bird’s eye view of the entirety of Napa Valley – from the Vaca to the Mayacamas Mountains and all the glory in between.

You can combine your relaxing food and wine-fuelled vacation with spending some time in the clouds. The sunrise views of the sparkling waters and hills look like a watercolor painting… dreamy.


One of the most beautiful ways to get a unique and complete look at Napa Valley is by hitting the water. You don’t have to kayak at speed; you can take it easy and enjoy any or all of the 55 miles of the Napa River. Those who are a little more adventurous will be rewarded with views of the vineyards, culture, history, and some of the valley’s wildlife.

Muir Woods

If you like to keep your feet firmly on the (forest) floor, a tour of Muir Woods is ideal. Tune into the sounds of the woods, birds, and trickling water and see ancient Redwood trees. Your tour guide will ensure you travel through the woods safely, and depending on the tour, you might end up in a few of the wineries, the gift shop, left speechless by the beauty – or perhaps all three! Muir Woods is a great place to spend time in a serene and magical part of our planet’s past.

Horseback Riding

Some of the state’s most beautiful horse trails are found in the Napa Valley, and what better way to enjoy the vineyards than with a 30-minute trail ride? There are plenty of horseback riding options open to you, each with a different trail and offer. You’ll get a short introduction to your horse and some safety tips – and then you’ll trot away for a sightseeing trip you’ll never forget.


Book into local resorts or spas and enjoy Calistoga’s well known warm and rejuvenating hot springs. If you do not mind getting a little muddy, taking a dip in the mud baths is said to leave your skin soft, balanced, and soothed.

Whether looking down from among the clouds or riding on a four-legged friend, Napa Valley offers a vacation lifestyle and views that will leave you relaxed, inspired, and planning your next visit.

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