Sexy and Successful

by ELYSIAN Magazine

The successful woman, in tune with her true feminine, evokes respect, implementing her exceptional interpersonal skills and business savvy.

By Alison Isaacs
Illustration by Dwain Skinner

Being in your true femininity equals more power in your career, your relationships, and your sex life. Now is the time to harness that power. The good news is you are not alone; this is a worldwide movement.

Women are grabbing back their identity, redefining themselves, not in patriarchal terms, not merely in rejection of them, but in the true liberation of their womanhood. A womanhood that is secure in her sensitivities and her sensibilities, sensational in the bedroom and the boardroom, satisfied with her curves and her credit score.

The current women’s movement is unlike those that preceded it. This is a feminism that embraces the feminine. Past movements have promoted equal rights, in the polls and in the workplace.

But to secure our rightful place, we have sacrificed many of our natural qualities. We have denied our sensitivities to stand tall, shoulder-to-shoulder, beside man. We have proven ourselves strong and worthy of positions of power, positions of power in a patriarchal society, one where masculine qualities are the mode of business.

Now, we no longer need to conform, nor deny ourselves, for this is a movement of the feminine, empowered by the erotic. We are now rewriting our own identity as strong, sensual, secure and worthy of respect.

It is now time to show the world that Woman is strong. As author G.D. Anderson put it, “Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength.”

Not a woman in a man’s mask, not a woman in a suit and tie (though that can be pretty hot). Instead, she’s a sexy, vivacious, sensual, emotionally in-tune powerhouse of a goddess. In touch with her true self, in control of her destiny, able to run a business and experience multiple orgasms.

Pamela Masten, founder of The American Fertility Association, and Back to the Body: Sensuous Retreats for Women, says, “When women learn how to bring our erotic energy into all aspects of their lives, everything can change.” Furthering that thought, she continues, “The sexually empowered woman can not only feel fully, she can bring that energy into all of her life’s endeavors. It’s powerful. You become a force of nature.”

To truly succeed in our careers and in the business world without selling our souls, we must rewrite the definition of feminine. For too long society has defined natural “feminine” traits as weak while considering natural “masculine” traits as strong. But oh contraire!

The successful woman, in tune with her true feminine, evokes respect as she operates from a place of powerful persuasion, implementing her exceptional interpersonal skills and business savvy led by her unquestionably keen intuition. She need not be cold and calculated to get the job done; after all, more flies are drawn with honey than with vinegar. Her erotic capital bursts from her bank of self-assurance, securing success at her will.

As we employ the power of our feminine wiles in the workplace, we will discover a greater efficacy than ever before since we are operating in our natural power as opposed to assuming a false sense of esteem or adopting an imposed structure of power. That whole facade is exhausting and leaves many a woman drained to the point she has nothing to give herself nor anyone else … sex is the last thing on her mind.

In our intimate lives, as in our social and career, we must also rewrite our definition of feminine, particularly that of our sexual feminine. We need to first identify ourselves as sexual, sexy, and deserving of sexual pleasure before we can ever expect anyone to believe that we are or owe us such pleasure. The self-confidence alone is hot as hell, and, as studies show (Kontula & Miettinen, 2016), is a key element to reaching orgasm.

As we begin to live and work in the power of our feminine, our sexual lives will be more fulfilled, and as our sexual lives are more fulfilled, so will we be fueled to succeed in all of our life’s endeavors. A beautifully empowering cycle indeed. 

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