Featured Expert – Tammy Kovar


by Elysian Magazine

Tammy Kovar is the founder and CEO of Biological Tree Services, a sustainable landscaping service located in Sarasota, Florida. She has been involved in landscaping and organic technology since 1987, and she began her latest journey in 2004 by taking a “passionate hobby” — to rejuvenate stressed trees — and running with it.

Tammy understands the importance of plant health and all that goes into that, and her efforts with Biological Tree Services were instantly recognized. Tammy was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year, and Biological Tree Services was awarded Small Business of the Year and the Governor’s Small Business of the Year for the state of Florida.

Tammy has two adult daughters, Emily who is a music professor at Clemson University, and Bailey works with her mom at Biological Tree Services. She has two cats (Vanity and Tigger), two strays (Buddy and Checkers) and two outdoor-friendly squirrels (Shirley and Charlie).

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