The 4 Basic Rules of Skincare 

by Elysian Magazine

The rules to healthy skincare are no secret. However, you have to abide by them, as much as possible, every day to ensure you have the healthiest skin possible.

SLEEP is the most important rule of skincare and is essential to your overall health. A  good night’s sleep makes you appear healthy, attractive, and energetic. The telltale signs of a poor night’s sleep are droopy eyelids, swollen eyes with dark circles, pale skin, and fine lines around the corners of the mouth. The job of sleep is to repair the body while it is at rest. During sleep, your blood flow increases, fueling the organs that build collagen and rejuvenates your skin. A good night’s sleep for adults is seven to nine hours.

WASH YOUR FACE every morning and every night, at the very least, to increase blood flow to the face, relaxes your facial muscles, and helps your skin repair itself.  Nighttime cleansing is more important than in the morning as you remove the days’ worth of pore-clogging irritants, environmental pollutants, and makeup.

APPLY A MOISTURIZER at night and keep a glass of water on your bedside. Yes, it’s imperative you wash your face, but it can also dry your skin. Many cosmetics manufacturers make a nighttime moisturizer that’s just right—not oily and absorbs quickly into the skin. Water is likewise important to stay hydrated and nourish the skin. You can argue that drinking water at night means more frequent visits to the bathroom but maintaining healthy skin doesn’t go by the clock. It’s a 24-hour a day process.

SLEEP ON YOU BACK, if you can, or use a satin, silk, or bamboo pillowcase to minimize skin irritation and compression. Sleeping on your side, face, or chest can cause wrinkles. Likewise, elevate your head. This will help with snoring, acid reflux, and nasal drip and also will help reduce bags and circles under your eyes by improving blood flow.

Observing these basic rules and you will maintain healthy, beautiful skin.

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