The Rose Code

by Elysian Magazine

by Kate Quinn


The Rose Code is set at Bletchley Park in England during the Second World War.  It is the story of three women—Mabel “Mab” Churt, a working-class girl bent on improving her station in life; Osla Kendall, 24, a debutante determined to break free from the shackles of her overbearing mother; and Bethan “Beth” Finch—a brilliant but reclusive code-breaker who discovers a great secret.  Sworn to secrecy by the Official Secrets Act, she confides in her friends and together, attempt to break the code’s ciphers, “…tricky, tricky stuff.  Reminds me of a rose, petals overlapping downward toward the core,” Beth ponders.  Do they expose one of the greatest secrets of the War?  They must choose between duty to country and their bond of friendship.  Well- researched, this page-turner is historical fiction at its most riveting.


  • Publisher: William Morrow (March 9, 2021)
  • Hardcover: 656 pages
  • NY Times Best Seller List

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