The Women of the Bible Speak by Shannon Bream

by Elysian Magazine

by Shannon Bream


The stories of sixteen biblical women have catapulted The Women of the Bible Speak to No. 3 on The New York Times bestseller list (nonfiction).  Shannon Bream, an American journalist, attorney, and Fox News anchor examines a number of extraordinary women whose significant deeds are recorded in the Biblical Testament.  Among them is the courageous Queen Esther, who rescued the Jewish people from destruction; Jael in “Book of Judges,” who thwarted an assault on Israel when she slayed Sisera, leader of King Jabin’s Army; Miriam the Prophetess, one of the seven major female prophets of
Israel, who was by Moses’ side when he delivered the Jews from exile in Egypt; Mary Magdalene, the much-lauded female follower of Jesus Christ, who witnessed His death and resurrection, and is mentioned more than most of the apostles and more than any woman in The Bible. These holy women speak to the Ages through human struggles and ordeals, courage in the face of despair, and unfailing vision and determination to fulfill God’s will. By virtue of who they were and what they accomplished, their acts can help guide us along our own challenging journey through life.


  • Publisher: Broadside Books (March 30, 2021)
  • Hardcover: 256 pages

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