The Tiny House Movement

by Elysian Magazine

ELYSIAN sheds some light on the nationwide trend of seriously downsizing

The tiny house movement is a bit puzzling, but there’s no doubt that there’s an engaging allure about the idea. While the size of the American home has skyrocketed since the 1970s, there has been a movement in the last few years to embrace frugality and the simplicity of downsizing. (The housing market is even seeing the effects as larger homes are less sought after than smaller ones.)

Tiny houses are generally less than 500 square feet (that’s about the size or even smaller than the average Manhattan studio apartment). Tiny houses, when done right, combine style, functionality and practicality. For the green-minded individual, it is the perfect solution for saving energy and reducing one’s environmental impact. For the outdoorsy, tiny houses are great to establish a private place to take in the natural surroundings of your favorite habitat. Or if you’re not sure about living in one, they are a much more cost-effective way to build additional housing for guests or kids come home from college.

What’s even more is the fact that you can buy some of these structures on Amazon (some even include free shipping with Prime). Some model are more affordable than others, but you get what you pay for – many models require assembly and some real-deal construction chops.

Do It Yourself

Allwood has many different designs (including models at the not-so-tiny size of 1,100 square feet), but these are going to require some skill or a professional contractor as they are essentially empty shells with no plumbing, appliances or electric wiring. But the exterior aesthetics are strikingly attractive, and you can customize or layout your tiny home in any fashion you’d like.

Allwood Ranger
427 square feet


Allwood Timberline
483 square feet


Allwood Eagle Vista
1,336 square feet


Ready to Go

You could also go with Titan Park Model Homes which include plumbing, electric and appliances – but they come on wheels as an attachment for an RV. That means easy mobility and the (blissful) lack of need for construction experience, but it also means a little less permanency.

Open Floor Plan
399 square feet


Smart Floor Plan
399 square feet


Decisions, Decisions…

Granted, choosing to buy, build and finish a tiny home is a big decision, even if you’re not intending on residing there year-round. Before you commit, you can learn more about what the life is like and whether or not you’re ready to downsize, even if it’s just for the season.

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